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   Chapter 668 You'll Have A Hard Time With Her

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8359

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Without saying anything, Wesley took a cigarette from the pack and a lighter from his pocket. He was going to have a smoke after he led Garnet to the ground floor.

"She has cancer! Her parents passed away a long time ago. And now you make her feel like dog-doo. What if she commits suicide? What then?" Garnet continued to confront Wesley since he stayed silent. Strangely enough, she never expected herself to be a good girl. Why should she be on Blair's side? She loved Wesley, but she was now persuading him to care about Blair.

"She doesn't have cancer," Wesley said simply and walked into the elevator first.

Garnet was stunned by his words. Quickly following him into the elevator, she asked, "Okay, I'm confused. If she doesn't have cancer, does she know? And if she does, why lie about something like that?"

"That's my point. I'm teaching her a lesson. She's still recovering, but decided to play the pity card. I'm not falling for it." He talked to the nurse who told Blair she had cancer, and Zaria, the doctor. It was then that he found out Zaria was actually a friend of his mom's.

Blair had gone too far this time. He had to teach her a lesson. Did she know how worried he was? She probably raised his blood pressure a few points.

Garnet sighed helplessly. "You both deserve each other. Did you see how angry she was? You'll have a hard time with her."

"Not really," he announced with determination. He had almost lost it when he was told about Blair's cancer. She'd never know what a monumental effort it was to act as normal as possible. He was close to the edge, and only through his willpower was he able to keep it together.

'Not really?' Garnet wondered in disbelief. She threw a glance at the expressionless man. That man was impossible. She knew he liked Blair, so what had he planned? He wouldn't go too far, would he? It would probably break his heart to see Blair sad. Even Garnet herself felt her heart ache for Blair. If it were bad for Garnet, it had to be far worse for Wesley.

In the following two days, Blair hadn't seen Wesley even once. Adalson and Natalia came to pick her up the day when she was discharged.

Before she left the hospital, Cecelia called her. "Blair, how's everything between you and Wesley? Did our plan work?" the mother asked excitedly on the other end.

Blair paused for a moment. She didn't want to worry her, so she lied, "Yeah. It's working."

Cecelia glowed with joy as she heard the good news. "I knew it! I'm a ge

led and teased, "Blair, just keep that in mind. I can't leave you, and my company needs you. So, don't go accepting any strange offers, okay?"

Blair took in his meaning. After a pause, she assured him, "I don't want to work at a big company like TS Group. You know that."

Orion heaved a sigh of relief. "Okay, I trust you. Take care. Call me if you need anything."

"Will do. Bye."

At the Orchid Private Club

Just as Wesley stepped into the club, a familiar woman standing in front of the elevator caught his attention. With the help of a waiter, she walked into the elevator with a well-dressed man.

The elevator stopped at the eighth floor. Wesley's eyes darkened.

'Why is she here? And who's that guy? Why is she with him?' he wondered.

He entered the VIP elevator and pushed the button for the eighth floor as well. Just as he stepped out of the elevator, he saw the woman enter Room 822 with the stranger at the other end of the corridor.

Wesley stood rooted to the spot.

Last time when he knew she was at another hospital to get a second opinion, he sent a message to her, telling her that she didn't have cancer. He had expected her to call and throw a tantrum, or even come straight to him to make a scene. But she didn't. She didn't even try and call or text.

That was not like her. What was going on? Unable to read her mind, Wesley had been very annoyed at this.

Gripped by anxiety, he turned to the waiter who had ridden the elevator with him, and said, "I want to know who booked Room 822. It's a matter of national security." It was a lie, but it motivated the waiter to override any privacy concerns.

"Yes, Mr. Li!"

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