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   Chapter 664 Will You Be My Boyfriend

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"Yes, there are," Blair replied. "I often feel this pain in my liver in the evenings. I never took it seriously, that is, until my digestive tract bled this morning. After checking the test results, the doctor told me that it was terminal liver cancer." Niles had informed Blair about all the symptoms a patient with terminal liver cancer would have, and had asked her to memorize all of them. So, she had no trouble answering his question.

Wesley held the medical report tightly in his hand. His brow furrowed. This was too sudden and too harsh, and it was hard to believe. How could a young girl like Blair possibly develop terminal liver cancer out of the blue? He stroked her cheek gently and soothed her, "Don't cry. There must have been a mistake. I'll go ask the doctor myself."

"Don't go! The doctor said that I only have a few months left. I want nothing more than your company in these last few days of my life. Don't go anywhere. Stay with me, will you?" Her weeping was muffled as she buried her face into his chest. He patted her head slowly.

"I'll keep you company. But let me just talk to your attending physician. There is no way that your days are numbered. It must be a mistake. Trust me." That a perky girl, who was always smiling, developed cancer and had only a few months to live was unacceptable, even to a tough guy like Wesley.

Cecelia had threatened Blair's attending physician into cooperation, but even so, Blair was worried that the doctor might give their plan away. Besides, it was never easy to slip one over on Wesley. She wrapped her arms around his waist and mumbled, "Okay. But can you wait until I fall asleep? I want to be with you."

"Sure," he agreed without any hesitation. He put the medical report back on the table.

With one hand holding onto Blair, he dialed Niles' number with the other. "Wesley, what's up?" Niles asked once he got through.

"Do you know a Dr. Zaria?" queried Wesley without any greeting. Blair's heart leaped at his question. But it didn't seem like he doubted her.

"Of course. She is an expert hepatologist. She was the one who did the medical examination on Blair. Wesley..." Niles choked. "I can't believe this. This can't be true, right? Blair is so lovely and pretty. She doesn't even have a boyfriend yet. How could such a horrible thing happen to her? This is so sad..."

Then he cried out into the phone loudly. Wesley felt as if he we

t couple of days off. She won't be here until two days later."

'What?!' Wesley couldn't believe the nerve of that doctor. 'Her patient is going through the darkest moment of her life, and she decided to take a vacation? This lady is the most irresponsible doctor I've ever heard of.'

He fished out his phone from his pants pocket and called Carlos. "I need a favor."

"Shoot," said Carlos. He was just about to get on a plane for a business trip.

"Find me the best hepatologist you know."

"What's wrong? Who's sick?" Carlos asked.

"Blair. Terminal liver cancer,"

Wesley replied after a pause. Carlos was silent for a moment. "I'll put Emmett on it."


Both Blair and Cecelia were surprised to know that Wesley would go to such lengths to find the best doctor in the world to cure Blair.

In the ward

Blair leaned against Wesley's chest, immersed in his tenderness. "Wesley, will you be my boyfriend for the next few months?" she asked expectantly.

Wesley looked at her with mixed emotions. But he remained silent, giving her no reply.

Blair got nervous. "If you don't want to, it's fine. I'm already used to your rejection anyway."

He gave her a comforting kiss on the forehead. If she really had only few months to live, then he would spend all those days making her every wish come true.

In the following days, Wesley, who usually tended to be busy all the time, stayed in the ward every day to take care of Blair. She felt ecstatic the first two days, but on the third day, guilt overwhelmed her. This was just a trick. She didn't want it to cost Wesley's career.

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