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   Chapter 662 I’m Sorry

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6570

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"Not until you tell me what it is," Blair said.

"You're kidding, right? You really don't know? You never did that with Miller?" Wesley asked. He remembered that she and Miller were together for quite a while, and figured they probably tried lots of sexual positions. His hand balled into a fist at the thought of it.

"Miller? What does he have to do with any of this? Why did you have to bring him up? Buzzkill!"

His hand which had been rubbing her lips grabbed her chin. "He ever let you..." And he leaned in close to whisper to her.

Blair got what he meant. That even though her hands were injured, she could use her mouth. Not only was he assuming she and Miller had sex, but was also asking for a blow job.

'Asshole!' Blair found his arm and bit into it.

Wesley didn't make a sound, but the sharp pain made him grit his teeth.

Blair let go. Her teeth weren't sharp enough to draw blood. She shoved his arm away and raged, "Get out!"

Touching the bite mark on his arm tenderly, Wesley asked calmly, "When did you turn into a dog?" She had bitten him more than once.

"I turned into you!" she stormed.

If she wasn't injured, she would have kicked him—hard. Maybe even punched him too.

Wesley was not happy, either. But he could only blame himself. It was his fault that Blair ended up with Miller. If he hadn't turned her down, she wouldn't have gotten engaged to that cheating scumbag.

He did have regrets. Every missed opportunity with Blair was a regret.

He took her into his arms ruefully, kissed her hair and apologized, "I'm sorry."

Blair thought he was apologizing for what he said to her. "Don't ever talk about that stuff," she snorted. She had never had sex with Miller. They never even shared a passionate kiss.

"I won't. Ever." He stroked her cheek. "Don't see Miller again."

Because of his apology, her anger vanished. What wafted in the air now was affection and romance. There never was a sweeter scent.

"Of course. You didn't happen to run into him on your way here?" Blair wondered when he left.

"No. The nurse said he left after taking a phone call," Joslyn told her.

"Oh, but he shouldn't be at work. He hasn't recovered yet." Hartwell heard what she said.

"Wesley's job is special. If he were paralyzed, he'd have to find a way to get to work. Besides, he is almost recovered," he said.

"Sounds cruel." Blair felt bad for Wesley. "Not at all.

I assume he'll be back to work soon and will be super busy." Because of the information on the SD card, a new operation concerning more than one hundred human lives was being put together.

Even if Wesley wasn't part of the mission itself, he still was in command.

Hartwell put the warm food on the table by the bed and wheeled it over to her. "Focus on getting better. Don't worry. Wesley will be fine."

"Yeah." Blair hoped everything would be okay. She was about to grab a spoon when Joslyn picked up the bowl and said, "Sit still. I'll feed you." By instinct, Blair wanted to decline. Then she looked at her hand, and opened her mouth.

Before putting the spoon in her mouth, Joslyn blew on the congee patiently. "Mrs. Ji is feeding me personally, and she's pregnant. She take care of you like this?" Blair joked, looking at Hartwell.

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