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   Chapter 661 Too Naive

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Wesley sat Blair on the toilet seat. Her face flamed with embarrassment. She was wearing the hospital pants. Her injured hands were close to useless and she couldn't take them off by herself. How was she supposed to pee with her pants on? By now, Wesley also realized the problem. He and Blair looked at each other. The air was thick with awkwardness.

"Um... Maybe I should send for the nurse," she remarked quietly, breaking the silence.

Wesley thought it was a good idea. But then his eyes landed on her bandaged feet. It occurred to him that one nurse wouldn't be enough to help her out in that situation. At least two nurses were needed—one to help her with her clothes and the other to support her.

But he could do both by himself.

He quickly made up his mind. He held her with one arm and lifted her a little to make sure that her feet were off the floor. Without saying anything to her, he started to take off her pants with the other hand.

Blair was too shocked and embarrassed to utter a single word.

A few minutes later, she was carried out of the bathroom, her face on fire.

After placing her gently on the bed, Wesley went back to the bathroom. When he walked back into the room, he turned the lights off. Blair thought he was leaving, but instead, he sat on the bed.

He took off his boots, lifted the blanket, and slid into the hospital bed.

'What's he doing? Is he spending the night here?' Blair wondered, her eyes wide.

In the dim light streaming through the window, she could see his tanned profile.

"Wesley?" she called, poking his strong arm with her pinkie.

"Yes?" he responded. Even lying in bed, he looked serious and stern. Everything about him was military.

"The nurse said that visitors are not allowed to spend the night in the ward. Orion was asked to leave," she reminded him. She didn't want Wesley to be asked to leave too. He was a military officer after all. It would be embarrassing if he were to be thrown out.

"I'm not a visitor. I'm a patient."

'Oh, right. He is hospitalized here too, ' Blair thought, sighing. 'But, wait...' Something dawned on her.

"When your mom and I were taking care of you in the ward, we had spent the night, and no one said anything about it. Why is it not allowed now?"

Wesley didn't answer.

Blair poked him again. "Do you know why? Is it a new rule?" she prodded.

"Yes, I do

and snuggled closer towards him. Wesley felt like he was about to lose the last bit of his self-control. "Behave yourself!" he said.

"Oh, okay!" she said. But she didn't. She kept moving and holding and touching him. "Are you seriously not going to take up my offer?" she asked.

Wesley's body went stiff. "Don't think I'm not aware that you're doing this on purpose," he warned her without looking at her. 'She is doing this just to torture me. She's probably thinking that with her hands and feet injured, I won't be able to make her do stuff.'

Although he had seen through her, Blair didn't feel embarrassed. "You're not interested in women, right? So, what are you worried about?" she asked with a smirk. 'I'm injured now. I can't help him the way I did last time. Let him suffer, ' she laughed inwardly.

All of a sudden, she felt his hand on her lips. "You're being too naive," he said in a low voice. 'She has so many things to learn yet, ' he mused.

"What do you mean?" she asked him.

There was a sinister gleam in his eyes. With his hand still on her lips, he finally turned to her and whispered, "If you don't go to sleep right now, I'll teach you all the different, interesting things that a woman and a man can do together in bed."

Wesley was a man of his word. Blair held her breath as she stared into his dark eyes.

"Wh...what things?" she stuttered, curious, afraid and excited. He continued to guide his hands on her lips. She felt turned on. But he didn't kiss her. What was he trying to do?

He gave a wicked smile and asked, "Care to give it a try?"

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