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   Chapter 659 You Have No Right

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Niles sent Blair a nodding-head emoji.

Whistling a peaceful tune, he tucked his phone back into his pocket, just outside Wesley's ward.

He was about to push the door open when he saw what was going on inside through the glass window. Wesley wasn't alone—Garnet was with him.

Mouth agape, he fished out his phone, opened the camera app and raised it. But he found Wesley looking at him with his sharp eyes. 'That guy must have eyes in the back of his head!' Niles exclaimed inwardly.

Under Wesley's watchful eye, Niles covertly took a photo of him and Garnet, pretending to call someone, phone to his ear. After a few seconds, he abandoned his pretense and sent the pic to Blair. "You busy now? Check this out," he texted, indicating the pic he had just taken.

And that was when Garnet appeared at the door.

Niles clicked the "send" button, put his phone back into his pocket, and waved at her with a smile. "Hi, Garnet. Come by to visit Wesley?"

Garnet nodded. "Yeah."

"Wait. How did you... Oh, that's right! You transferred to the base in Y City, huh?" His family talked about helping Garnet get a transfer to Y City, so Niles naturally knew a bit about it.

"Mmm hmm. Your brother helped a lot." Garnet cast a grateful glance at the man in the bed.

Niles whistled at his brother, came over and flashed a goofy smile. "He's a piece of work. With his contacts and reputation, it was a piece of cake to get you deployed here. Right, Wesley?" He tried to lick his brother's boots because he was afraid of being found out.

Wesley, however, didn't buy it. With a deadpan face, he spat, "Your phone."

"Huh?" Niles panicked. 'I guess he knows. Am I that obvious?' he mused.

Garnet couldn't help giggling. "Niles, you forgot to turn off your flashlight," she reminded him kindly.

Niles was dumbstruck. 'What? I was such an idiot!' he cursed himself inwardly.

Putting on a fake smile, Niles hummed and hawed over an excuse. "I guess I must have accidentally turned that on. Silly me—"

"Your phone! Now!" Wesley repeated in a cold voice.

Left with no choice, Niles took his p

visiting your brother?"

"Yeah." The reply was short.

Blair was puzzled. The reply made her feel like she was talking to Wesley. She took a closer look at the username, and it was Niles.

But Niles had never just sent one word to her. In fact, he never used one word when he could type ten.

Blair shook off the weird feeling and wrote, "How is your brother?"

"Much better."

Blair heaved a sigh of relief. "So Garnet's been taking care of him?" 'Niles knows I like his brother. That won't sound too weird, ' she thought.


Blair could feel something was wrong. 'Am I talking to Niles? He never talked like this!'

As she was still pondering over this, another message came. "Hey, Blair. Since my brother is fine, I'd like to go visit you."

This time, Blair wasn't the least bit suspicious. This was more like Niles. However, her left hand began to ache after texting like this. She had to send him a voice message saying, "No, no. That's not necessary. I'm okay. Just take care of Wesley."

"I don't need to."

"Oh right. Garnet's there. If you get tired of being a third wheel, you know where I am." Her voice was full of disappointment. If it weren't for her injured feet, she would have gone to visit Wesley.

Niles didn't reply to her.

Before long, someone walked into her ward. To her surprise, it wasn't Niles, but Wesley, who should have been in bed, recovering.

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