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   Chapter 658 Avenging Blair

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7559

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Garnet was the one to quickly kick the leader's hand. This was her first mission after she had started working in Y City. Wesley reacted immediately and caught the knife which had flown out of the leader's hand. He lunged forward to stab the man in the arm.

The man yelled in pain and couldn't hold onto Blair anymore. Without his support, she staggered and fell backwards. Garnet was the nearest to her and immediately caught her, preventing her from falling to the ground.

Seeing that Blair was now safe, Wesley didn't need to hold back. He tried to kick the man again, but the leader knew some kung fu and dodged his attack with some difficulty.

Supporting Blair with one arm, Garnet fired twice, and the bullets hit the man's leg. He yelped at the top of his lungs and went down on his knees, weak as pudding.

The goons were soon under control. Wesley walked towards Garnet and gently took Blair in his arms. He rushed towards a military car.

Two military doctors got out of the car. Wesley slowly placed Blair in the back seat and told them, "Her fingers and feet are hurt."

"Understood, Colonel Li."

Wesley looked at the unconscious woman, his eyes full of affection. His hands balled into fists. Her eyes were closed, and her face was as pale as a ghost. He took a deep breath and got out from the vehicle.

Wesley watched as the car drove off. When it was out of sight, he turned around and walked towards the house. The criminals were being taken, under escort, to the vehicles.

"Wait!" Wesley stopped them, his face deadpan.

After questioning some of them, he let the soldiers take two-thirds of the bandits to the vehicles and he took the rest of them back into the house with him.

Soon, several noises came from within the house—the sounds of wine bottles breaking, and heartrending cries of the criminals.

After a significant amount of time, he brought the criminals out once again. Their faces were black and blue.

They were all barefoot, and their feet were covered in blood. Their hands lay limp at their sides.

The leader looked the worst. His mask was now gone, revealing his face which was covered in burns. In any other situation, he would have looked terrifying. But now, he couldn't even walk. He was almo

h, Orion."

Wesley's hands balled into fists when he saw the scene inside the ward. He turned around and left the place to find a doctor to treat his wound.

As he walked away from her ward, he couldn't help but remember what Blair had told him before. "Orion is pursuing me."

"I'm a bit moved..."

"Wesley, do you think I should accept his love?"

Wesley recalled what he had answered to that.

He remembered saying, "If you like him, then you should go out with him." "Then don't break up with him."

Blair waited for Wesley all day, but she was disappointed.

The room was quiet in the dead of the night. All kinds of thoughts crossed her mind, keeping her awake. 'Wesley was not fully recovered when he had come to rescue me. Did he get injured again? Is that why he hasn't come to visit me?'

She picked up her phone with her left hand. It was less injured than her right. She scrolled down her contact list and found Niles' number. She wanted to call him, but on second thoughts, she decided to send him a message instead. "Niles, are you in bed?"

Niles' reply came quickly. "No, I just arrived at the in-patient department to visit Wesley."

"How is he?" she couldn't help but ask.

"I haven't seen him yet. Wait. Are you not taking care of him?" Niles was confused. His mother had told him that Blair was taking care of Wesley.

Apparently, Niles didn't know that Blair was injured. After some consideration, she typed, "I'm still busy working. You go check on him first."

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