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   Chapter 657 To Catch Bandits, Nab Their Ringleader First

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7466

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Wesley sneered. 'We can leave after we give you that thing? You think I was born yesterday? If I give it to you, then we're dead meat.' "I'll say this one more time. Let her go, and I'll give you what you want," he said firmly. There were pieces of broken glass in the soles of Blair's feet, and she was still bleeding. She needed to go to the hospital now.

Blair shook her head. 'Wesley is still hurt. There are more than ten bandits and they're all armed. He's doomed if he stands and fights.' She wanted to say something, but had no strength to talk. Wesley didn't look at her; he couldn't afford to let the bandits know he cared for her.

The masked man was chewing a betel nut in his mouth. "I can let her go. But how far do you think she'll get on her own? How about this? If she can walk by herself, I'll let her go."

Wesley walked towards Blair, and this move alarmed the bandits. They all raised their guns, aiming at him. Blair's heart raced wildly in her chest. "Watch out!" she tried to yell, but she could only manage a weak croak.

Who knew if he heard what she said? Wesley didn't even pause and continued walking forward. He squatted down before her and said in a voice that could only be heard by her, "Don't worry. They can't hurt me. Are you all right?" While speaking, he tore a strip of cloth from his T-shirt and wrapped her feet.

There were still pieces of broken glass in her feet, but this might stop them from bleeding. This was the best he could do for right now. "I'll be quick. Just hold on," he said in a soft voice.

Blair gave him a sweet smile despite the pain. "Mmm hmm."

She looked like a weak girl, but she could be pretty strong because of him. Although her feet were killing her, she clenched her teeth, determined not to cry.

After Wesley was done, he held one of her hands to check on it.

A pained groan escaped Blair's lips as the sharp pain shot through her arm. Wesley was heartbroken at her groan, and when he found the pinpricks in her fingers, his rage flared.

His face was rigid and tense because of his anger. He swore to himself that whoever did this to her would suffer the same fate.

The bandit leader lost his patience. "Give it up. I know you're hurt and

positions around the house while they were inside. When the leader approached where they were hiding, they sprang the trap.

As the saying went, "To catch bandits, nab their ringleader first."

Few soldiers were better at strategy and tactics than Wesley. These bandits certainly were no match for him in that arena. Wesley was laid-back about the whole thing.

Some of the bandits around him were scared out of their wits. They threw down their guns, not wanting to be filled with lead.

Two bandits, who were very bold, approached Wesley and pointed their guns at his head. One of them said, "Not so fast. Let our boss go! Otherwise, you won't— Aargh!" Before he could finish speaking, Wesley moved like a bolt of lightning and grabbed his rifle, slamming the butt in his face. He spun and pointed his newly acquired firearm at the other. The bandit surrendered and dropped his weapon.

When the leader saw this, he threw Blair to the ground rudely, ignoring her wounded feet.

"Mmmph..." She was in so much pain that her tears streamed down her cheeks. She grabbed onto the man's sleeve to steady herself.

The man took out a knife and yelled hysterically, "You got me, fine! But the bitch dies!" While speaking, he stabbed at Blair's neck without mercy.

However, someone was fast enough to stop him. The person kicked his hand and sent the knife flying. "Aargh!" the man cried.

Another person rushed over, jumped up, caught the knife and buried it in the man's arm.

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