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   Chapter 655 Like Being Shot In The Head

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When he heard what Wesley said, Damon pulled up a chair and sat beside his bed. "Bro, you and Blair have been living together forever. Why haven't you put the moves on her yet?"

Wesley looked at Damon and said seriously, "Cut it out. We live under the same roof, but we're in different bedrooms."

There was disdain in Damon's eyes, like he thought the bedridden guy was an idiot. "You kidding me? You haven't gotten laid? What's wrong with you?"

"I'm living with her so I can always protect her," Wesley said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Curtis chuckled and teased him, "You can't be serious. This is a joke, right?"

Carlos, on the other hand, thought of his wife, who was now in England. "My wife is mad at me over this. What about your girlfriend? She mad, too?" he asked. He assumed Blair was mad at Wesley too, just like Debbie was. She should be here, taking care of Wesley, right?

Wesley didn't bother saying anything more about his relationship, and just said "Mmm hmm" in response.

To be honest, Wesley still didn't understand why Blair was mad. Just because he got injured protecting Megan? Couldn't be! Although Blair would fight with him from time to time, she was still a kind-hearted girl. She was pretty level-headed, to boot.

Damon leaned forward and looked at Wesley conspiratorially. "Dude, be honest with me. Ever see a girl and think 'I really want to bang her?' Seriously."

Wesley looked at him, expressionless. The contempt was obvious in his eyes. "Why do you ask?"

"Just asking. Can a girl crack that cold exterior? Do you know how it feels? I'm dying to know."

'How it feels?' Wesley didn't think he needed to hide anything from one of his best friends, so he nodded, "Of course. It feels like being shot in the head by a Kar98k." He only felt like that when he was with Blair.

The other three didn't know what to say.

'No wonder he's still single. He made a sexy moment seem like a murder.'

Damon was really curious what a tough, cold man like Wesley would be like around a woman he loved. So he asked, "People always talk about 'the look of love.' Your eyes should be full of tenderness when you're around your girlfriend. Does that happen when you're around Blair?"

Wesley's lips twitched as

her. If she woke up now, she would be scared out of her wits.

Finally Wesley left the apartment. Talbot was waiting for him, restless as an ant on a hot pan. Seeing Wesley, he jogged over and asked, "Chief, you feeling all right?"

Wesley's face was as pale as a sheet. "I'm good. Well, back to the hospital," he said.

"Sure, Chief." Talbot looked at the closed apartment door in confusion before helping Wesley to the elevator.

Spring sprung. Blair hadn't visited Wesley for eleven days.

Neither Blair nor Wesley seemed to care, but Cecelia was anxious!

Even though Wesley wasn't fully recovered, she flew back home, leaving her injured son behind. Before boarding the plane, she called Blair and told her she had urgent things to deal with and asked her to take care of him.

Left with no choice, Blair came to the hospital after work.

When she arrived at his ward, he was having supper. He greeted her calmly and asked, "You eaten yet?"

"Not yet. I'm going to a party tonight. I just came by to make sure you were eating. I got to go now." She turned around and left. She hadn't even stayed in the ward for two minutes.

What made her angry was that Wesley didn't even try to stop her.

Blair wasn't lying. She had an office party that evening. By the time it was over, it was more than ten o'clock at night. Orion insisted on driving her home. After saying goodbye to him at the gate, she strolled towards the apartment building, pondering her relationship with Wesley.

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