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   Chapter 654 Why Blame Him

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"Blair..." Wesley's voice was hoarse, still clearly heard in the quiet ward.

Blair was busy entering the password to her laptop. She paused and wondered if she was hearing things. Was Wesley calling her name?

As if knowing what was on her mind, he croaked her name again. "Blair..."

It was Wesley! She stood up from her chair abruptly, almost knocking it over, and rushed to his bedside. When her eyes met his, Blair was thrilled. "'re awake!" she exclaimed.

"Mmm hmm." He was as taciturn as usual.

Blair immediately pressed the nurse-call button. Seconds after she did this, the attending doctor was in the ward to give him a thorough check-up. While the doctor was checking on Wesley, she called Cecelia, who stayed in her and Wesley's apartment. She needed to hear the good news.

After the exam, the doctor said that Wesley was out of danger. All he needed was to have enough rest and eat some nutritious food.

The news that Wesley had woken up got out. He had more visitors now than when he'd been in a coma.

Whenever people came to his bedside, Blair would remain quiet, busy taking care of Wesley as if she were a nurse.

And when Cecelia came to take care of Wesley so that Blair could get some rest, Blair would leave the hospital. Wesley didn't have a chance to say a word to her.

Every day, Wesley's ward was overcrowded with flowers, fruits, supplements and various kinds of gifts. They ran out of room on the tables, and things were now being stacked on chairs or even on the floor. There were far too many well-wishers, too. He found dealing with these people really exhausting.

Three days later, he finally put his foot down and told his friends to stop coming to visit. He was happy when he did that—he finally got some peace and quiet, and was able to rest as per doctor's orders.

More importantly, he finally got the chance to talk to Blair. She was sitting at the bedside, peeling an apple. "Blair..." he ventured.

"Huh?" Blair paused, holding the knife to the apple, but didn't raise her head.

"Why do you..." He stopped mid-sentence.

It was rea

lair did for him.

Wesley paused for a while and nodded, "Okay." Then he continued to eat the soup.

'Ugh! This man is impossible, ' she thought to herself, anxious and annoyed. "I like Blair a lot. If you keep acting like this and she leaves you one day, I swear I'll disown you! And don't think you can find just anyone. I used to think that as long as you were going to get married, that was fine. But not anymore. It has to be Blair!"

Wesley's face twitched at his mother's words. He simply nodded, indicating that he got it. Actually, he had made up his mind that he would not get married.

If he had to, then he'd marry Blair. That made perfect sense to him.

Carlos had also been seriously injured, but his condition was better than Wesley's. While Wesley was still lying in bed because of his injured leg, Carlos showed up in his ward with a pale face.

Damon and Curtis followed behind him.

Damon scanned the ward and asked curiously, "Where's your little girlfriend?"

"What are you talking about?" Wesley rolled his eyes at him.

Damon nodded, "All right. Fine. Where's Blair? She took care of you while you were unconscious. Where is she?" Damon had visited Wesley a few times when he was still in a coma, and saw Blair taking care of him every time.

"She's working," Wesley simply answered. He looked out the window, wondering if the foreign guy was still hitting on her.

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