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   Chapter 652 They Might Not Survive

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8116

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Blair's brows furrowed tightly. "What do you mean?"

"You don't know? So Wesley didn't tell you what mission he was part of? He and Carlos embarked on a manhunt for those gangsters who tried to kill me. It's a large criminal organization with a ton of illegal weapons. Wesley and Carlos may not survive!" Megan continued speaking in a smug tone, her voice betraying not the slightest trace of sadness.

Blair was so pissed she gripped her phone tightly, hand trembling. She shot to her feet and walked to a quiet corner, and then roared, "Megan Lan! You're a garbage human! They're risking their lives to help you, but all you're doing is bragging about it! It's like they're your toys!"

"So what?" Megan was happy to hear Blair go off like that. Debbie had slapped her face earlier. Now she had someone she could take out her anger on.

"Megan Lan! Wesley and Carlos have cared for you forever, so why don't you seem to care about them?" Blair felt sorry for the two of them. After everything they did for her, she still wasn't grateful.

"Care about them? When my parents died for them, they felt sorry for me and fostered me. But what about now? Thanks to you and Debbie, they always pawn me off on the bodyguards. They don't care about me anymore! They're the ones who made me an orphan!"

Flames of fury burning in her eyes, Blair retorted, "You brought this on yourself. You played dirty tricks and stirred up trouble for everyone. Megan, if you were nice, even Debbie and I would care about you. Things could have been good. But it's all on you now!"

"Why should I be nice? Give me one good reason! Why should I let them be happy? I laugh when they're sad! My parents died for them! But they're still alive. Why?" Megan suddenly burst into a fit of wild laughter, sounding like a lunatic. "I was spoiled by the four most respected men in the city. Everyone admired me. It felt good—really good. But you and Debbie showed up and changed everything. I'm not the only girl in their lives now. I'm so pissed!"

"You know, I think Debbie was on to something! I want to strangle you, too!" Blair cursed between gritted teeth. She was usually calm, even-tempered. Now all she felt was white-hot rage.

"Strangle me? If you lay a finger on me, Wesley will never forgive you. So go ahead, if you want to lose the love of your life. I was there long before you! You can't have my place in his heart. He'd risk his life

ey was still in surgery.

In the middle of the surgery, a doctor emerged from the OR, and asked Niles to sign a few papers. Blair saw one of them was the written notice of the patient's critical condition. Seeing that Blair was almost on the brink of a meltdown, Niles tried to tell a few jokes to cheer her up. He told her that every member of the Li family had signed a "critical condition notice" for Wesley in the past, but each time, Wesley would pull through.

Later, Adalson got a call and he had to exit the hospital, leaving Blair and Niles there.

The soldiers with minor injuries all came to the operating room after they had their wounds treated. Blair saw Talbot, Bowman, and a few others she didn't know. They all looked a mess, and their clothes were stained with blood.

Talbot's arm was bandaged, his face bruised and torn. He looked pretty bad, but he was still not as bad off as Carlos or Wesley.

Some soldiers who had leg injuries limped all the way to the operating room. They all stood in front of the doors and waited for Wesley.

Blair had adjusted her emotions. Now she was calm, and it was her turn to comfort Niles. He'd become agitated and paced back and forth. "Don't worry, Niles. They said they already patched them up as best as they could."

Niles stamped his foot and plopped back in the seat.

It was dark outside before the light above the operating room finally shut off.

A few doctors came out, all looking exhausted. The soldiers immediately rushed over and surrounded the doctors, asking anxiously, "How's the chief?"

"Is it serious? When will he wake up?"

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