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   Chapter 651 Orion Is Pursing Me

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 11299

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The moment she was done speaking, Blair hurled herself around without hesitation and began to leave. However, her departure was cut short within just a few steps by the unexpected sighting of a car.

Not far away from them, a familiar black Hummer was parked on the roadside in front of the company building. That wasn't the only familiar or unexpected sight! Blair could also see a man dressed in a green military uniform and black combat boots leaning against the car door; he was smoking a cigarette leisurely, and staring in her direction. For all his magnificence, he still wore an expressionless face.

'Wesley? When did he get here? How long has he been standing there? Damn! Wesley understands English; so did he hear what Orion and I were talking about?' Blair wondered inwardly.

Orion saw the man too. Like an elephant seeing an old foe, he immediately recognized him as the person who had all but carried Blair away from the pub last time. He took a couple of steps towards Blair and asked under his breath, "Is that him? Is he that 'one' person in your heart?"

Without turning her head around, she nodded and replied in a confident and decisive tone, "Yes, that's him. I'll be his girlfriend sooner or later, Orion."

Orion fell silent upon hearing that powerful tone.

Blair herself seemed uninterested in him now. Holding the bouquet of lilies, she walked up to Wesley. "You finished your work?"

Wesley put out the cigarette and threw a fleeting glance at the flowers she was holding in her hands. "Mmm hmm. Get in the car." He was his usual tacit self, wasting no words and conveying everything shortly.

"Yes." They walked towards the passenger door. Orion clearly saw it with his own eyes that without seemingly any effort at all, Wesley naturally carried her into the passenger seat and fastened her seat belt. Then, the soldier walked around the front of the vehicle at a crisp trot and got into the driver's seat. The next moment, the car rolled into the traffic.

Once they were safely clear of the building, Blair glanced at the lilies, lost in some thought. A moment later, she told Wesley tentatively, "Orion is pursuing me."

"I can see that," Wesley responded calmly, though his eyes fluttered towards the flower for just a second.

She continued, "I mean we were good friends. But suddenly, he started giving me flowers, and today, he gave me a car! He told me that he will give me everything I want. I'm a bit moved."


His Adam's apple bobbed. "Hmm." The tone remained flat.

Blair began asking his opinion after that. "Wesley, do you think I should accept his love? Should I marry him and settle down in England with him? I mean, he treats me well, and we sometimes have fun. His mom treats me well too. They helped me a lot when I was in England..." Her voice trailed off. It dawned on her that she was especially popular with the elders. It was amusing to think that someone as young as her was stealing the hearts of older people.

Wesley, being the careful driver he was, didn't choose to answer her question until they had stopped at a traffic light. Glancing at the flowers in her arms, he then said slowly, "A criminal psychology teacher once told me: the more enthusiastically a boy pursues a girl, the more aggressively he will hurt her at the time of the breakup. So..." He paused meaningfully and looked he

Don't worry about it. Anything else?" He wasn't going to talk much about his mission like usual.

Blair shook her head helplessly. She couldn't make him talk.

He opened the door again, and Blair called out again too, "Wesley."

He turned around and looked at her once more.

Without saying a word, Blair mustered up her courage and ran up towards him. She threw herself into his arms, stood on tiptoe and planted a kiss on his lips. For some reason, she didn't feel like holding back this time.

Wesley wrapped his right arm around her slim waist. Blair stopped kissing him before he could react further, but she held onto his waist and cautioned, "Please take care. I won't date Orion. I'll wait for you to come back and continue to protect me like you always do, until I find a real boyfriend that I love very much."

Without a word, he tightened his arm on her waist and lowered his head to kiss her. It was completely in contrast to the small peck she had given him. Wesley kissed her deeply and affectionately.

Blair didn't sleep well that night. She dreamt of him; sometimes he was cold, sometimes he was considerate; sometimes he refused her, but then he cared for her too...

A few days later, she was working in the office when she received a call from an unknown number. "Hello?"

"Hello Blair. It's me, Megan," the girl on the other end of the line told her with a sob.

"What's up?" Blair's voice became cold when she heard who was calling.

"Blair, how are you feeling now? I'm really sad..."

Blair rolled her eyes impatiently. "What do you mean? And don't cry in front of me. I'm not Wesley. Your tears won't work on me. You can cry your heart out and I won't feel a thing!"

Megan stopped crying at once. The transformation was remarkable! She asked, "Uncle Wesley went on a mission. Do you know that?"

"Yes, of course I know that!" Blair was a little bit proud when she replied in affirmative to the question. Luckily, Wesley had told her about this. Otherwise, she would be super-embarrassed if she had to say no when Megan asked her about Wesley's whereabouts.

"Wesley and Carlos risked their lives for me. I feel really sorry." Megan sounded smug. There was not a single hint of sadness in her voice.

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