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   Chapter 650 You Need To Sort Them Out

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8555

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Joslyn had always been very supportive of Blair. She wanted her friend to pursue her one true love, but she was not a fan of her going to the extremes. She looked at her friend with sympathy in her eyes and tried to persuade her, "Bless, don't be silly. You can't marry him if he is only coerced by his grandpa! You have a lot of options. He's not the only man there is."

Blair sighed. "But he's the only one I want for the rest of my life. I once told Wesley I was done loving him. Look at me now, Joslyn. I can't quit him. That same night I told him I was done with him, I saw him only wearing a bath towel. I immediately regretted the thing I told him." Being a soldier, Wesley's body was not surprisingly in a good shape. Blair almost drooled at the thought of his chiseled abs, as if gods sculpted it themselves.

Joslyn found amusement in her best friend's words. "So, you like him 'cause of his bod?"

"Well, duh?" Blair admitted. "We live under the same roof, and he's been treating me nicely. The only catch is that he's unwilling to make me his girlfriend." She let out a sigh of defeat.

"He cares so much for you and he keeps you around him, but he is unwilling to make you his girlfriend. I think Wesley is a giant weasel!" Joslyn spat, quite more angrily than she had intended.

Blair was not a fan of how her friend was talking shit about Wesley. "Please don't speak ill of him. He's made everything between us clear. He drew the line. It's me who keeps on pestering him."

"Tsk, tsk. Listen to what you're saying. Why are you defending him? Technically, I'm not speaking ill of him because everything I said is true," Joslyn retorted.

Blair's face turned red. "Excuse me, it is not! We are on good terms. If for some kind of miracle, I find another man in the future, and Wesley and I go our separate ways, only then you can talk shit about him."

"Okay, Miss Jing. I hear you. Let's just drop it, okay? By the way, you should stay here tonight! We haven't had a night together in such a long time," Joslyn suggested.

Blair made a crying face. "I want to! But you're a married woman now. My cousin may return any time tonight. How about you go to my place?"

"Don't worry. He won't be coming home tonight. He's not in Y City. Your cousin's out of town for an important meeting. We're having a sleepover! There won't be any problem."

Blair hesitated for a moment but this was her uncle's house anyway. She nodded. "Okay, I'll just go give Wesley a heads up."

"Yay!" Joslyn's face was filled with excitement.

Blair fou

e else in my heart." The scent of the lilies brought a smile on her face. Just the thought of Wesley made her feel all giddy.

With a sad look, Orion handed her the car keys and said, "You don't have a car for work. I bought you one that is suitable for girls. It doesn't matter if you don't accept my love for now, but can you at least accept my gift?"

Blair looked at the car keys. She was familiar with the brand. It was a luxury car model popular among many female celebrities. She smiled politely. "Thank you for this. I live very close to the office. You see, I travel on foot. Sorry, Orion, but I can't accept this. This is too much."

Orion grew flustered. He'd been rejected twice consecutively. "You don't like the car? What do you want then? I can give you anything, just name it. Blair, I fell in love with you the very first time we met. Do you remember the collaboration between this company and the Jin Group? I asked my grandfather for that to happen. I knew you were working for the Jin Group." He wanted more chances of seeing her.

He slowly approached Blair.

Blair was in awe, but she shook her head at once. "You're a good guy, Orion. But we're not meant for each other. Please, stop. You'll always be a friend to me."

Orion grew a bit more emotional. He didn't know what else to do but embrace her. "Blair, I don't want us to be just friends. I want you to be mine. I'll love you, spoil you, and take care of you until we're old and grey. Please?"

Blair broke free from his hug and graciously smiled at him. "Thank you, Orion, but I'm sorry. I'm heading out now. See you tomorrow." She already had someone taking care of her; she didn't need another man's protection.

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