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   Chapter 649 Even a Rose Can Grow Through Concrete

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7660

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"Hang out? Sorry, not interested in shopping. How about a gun range? Or an honorable person CS game? Maybe horseback riding? Still want to do something?" Garnet stared at Blair, a provocative look in her eyes.

Blair straightened up and replied without hesitation, "Sure! Let's do all of it. I'll just wait for you in Y City." The young translator looked Garnet straight in the eye without the slightest trace of fear. Her grandpa and uncle were both brave soldiers. Could she be any less? She couldn't chicken out and bring shame to the Ji family.

It was crystal clear to the two women that they both loved the same guy. But they weren't going to play any dirty tricks, or yell at each other. Blair didn't think Garnet was a hypocritical rival, or even a cunning one. Maybe it was because she was a soldier as virtuous as Wesley.

Garnet watched Wesley drive his Hummer away, a complicated feeling stirring in her heart. She was confused by Blair's behavior. 'She should know very well I love Wesley too. We're love rivals, but why was she so blunt? She looked like she didn't care if I loved him or not, ' Garnet mused.

She wondered if Blair was just pretending to be kind and innocent. Of course, she'd eventually slip up and the truth would come out. 'But if Blair really doesn't care about my love for Wesley and has a fair competition with me, then... I'll try to make friends with her, ' Garnet thought further.

Seeing her daughter's contemplative look, Lauren felt sorry for her and tried to comfort her. "Garnet, just give up. Any man would be lucky to have you. You'll meet another guy, maybe even better than Wesley."

As an experienced woman, Lauren could see that there was something going on between Wesley and Blair. The affection in their eyes was evident when they looked at each other.

Garnet smiled and said casually, "Mom, I always get what I want. Maybe Wesley doesn't love Blair at all. Otherwise, why won't he say she's his girlfriend? I still have a chance!"

Lauren smoothed her short hair and said lovingly, "Good luck then."

Wesley stopped at a few more houses and said his goodbyes. Blair didn't get out of the car because these people were strangers to her.

Some of them were Wesley's relatives and some were higher-ups in the military.


sked earnestly, "He took you home for Spring Festival. Did sparks fly?"

Blair shrugged. "Hardly. He even told his mom not to be too nice to me, because I'd never be her daughter-in-law." She didn't feel sad when she talked about it, because she remembered that Wesley's mom was only an excuse.

Wesley wouldn't confess his true feelings for her. He was brave at everything except love.

"What? He said that? What a jerk!" Joslyn felt her heart ache for Blair. Why did she have to go through so much for one guy?

Blair smiled. "I'm not gonna quit, though. I'm young, so there's lots of time to win his love. He has a thing for me. I know it! You know what they say, 'Even a rose can grow through concrete.' I'll melt his cold heart. I'll win. I have to."

If Wesley really didn't have a shred of love for her, Blair wouldn't bother him anymore. But she could see that he cared about her. She wouldn't give up so easily.

"You're lucky that his family is on your side. Just keep them happy and your chances will be better," Joslyn suggested.

"I think so. I've tried to make the Li family like me. You know what? Sometimes I think if Wesley's grandpa forces us into a shotgun wedding, I'd still say yes! I love that stubborn soldier. I want to stay by his side forever! He doesn't love anyone else. But I don't think his grandpa likes me enough to force the issue. At least, not now. I have to try harder." Every time Blair was around Joslyn, she couldn't help but pour her heart out, sharing almost every secret.

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