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   Chapter 648 Born For The Country

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"Don't meddle with his business. Let him be. If he continues acting like this, he'll regret it sooner or later," Baldwin told Cecelia. He knew this enough. With his wisdom, he was well aware that when it came to love, only the two people involved could solve their problems. Whether Wesley and Blair would end up together was entirely up to the two.

The following day, Blair had finished packing her things and was ready to set out. Wesley was still in his grandfather's room, so she carried her bag on her own, brought it downstairs, and waited for him.

Meanwhile, in Keith's room, the old man and Wesley were still talking. He took out a cash card from his drawer and placed it in front of Wesley. "I feel sorry for Blair. She has no parents. Although it's fortunate that the Ji family treats her well, I heard she rarely goes there to trouble her aunt and uncle. I also knew that she broke up with her fiance. There's no one taking care of her now. You should give her more attention." He pointed at the card and continued, "Here's five million. This should have more in it, but I was cheated into buying Niles an apartment. That's all I have right now. I don't need this at the moment. I want you to take it."

Wesley stayed still as he looked at the card. "She doesn't like Niles. She won't be your granddaughter-in-law." He tried softening the blow; he knew it was pointless for his grandfather to treat Blair so kindly if she wouldn't end up as Keith's granddaughter-in-law.

The old man took a deep breath. His lips trembled in annoyance. He glared at his stubborn grandson and rambled, "It's my money. I can give it to anyone I like. I look at Blair as my own granddaughter. I don't see anything wrong with me supporting her financially. So, cut the crap and take it!"

Wesley stood up from his chair and politely asked, "Grandpa, is there anything else you'd like to tell me?"

"Yes." Keith's face grew more somber as he thought of what he was going to say to Wesley. "You're a high-ranking officer now. You don't have to do anything yourself anymore. Our country has a lot of talented soldiers; you're not the only one. You see where I'm going here?" Keith knew how big of an asset his grandson was to the army. He spared no effort in accomplishing any of his missions. Wesley was a force to be reckoned with. With him leading, victory was certain.

He was very proud of his grandson. However, the fact that his life was al

e sunlight. She looked very wealthy and very graceful, although her skin was a little bit tanned.

Garnet glanced at Wesley's car. Hers and Blair's eyes met, but the emotions they were filled with went unnoticed.

Wesley looked towards his car too. Blair knew Garnet and her mother had seen her already. It would be inappropriate if Blair stayed in there, so she unbuckled, opened the car door, and got out of it. She stood by the car and waved at them as she smiled politely.

But to her surprise, Garnet's mother went to her. "Please, come and visit us whenever you're free. I know your aunt. You're a little bit younger than Garnet, so she should take care of you. Call her when you need help," Lauren said with enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, Lauren knew her mother too. She just didn't want to mention Blair's late mother and make the girl sad.

Blair realized Lauren was a nice and caring woman. She felt a little touched. "Thank you, Auntie and Garnet. I'll make sure to pay you a visit sometime soon."

Garnet stayed silent the whole time. Her face remained emotionless. Nevertheless, it was so much better than the angry look she wore the day she answered Blair's call. When Blair looked at her, Garnet smiled widely and said, "I'll be working in Y City very soon. Mind if I swing by your place?"

Blair smiled. "Sure. I really admire female soldiers. I've always wanted a friend like you. We should hang out and go shopping together when you're in Y City," she answered genuinely. Blair was not trying to butter her up. She was a weak girl, so she genuinely admired those strong female heroes like Garnet.

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