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   Chapter 647 She Won't Be Your Daughter-in-law

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Before Blair could answer Cecelia's question, Wesley popped in without warning.

The two women were both surprised.

Cecelia rolled her eyes at him. "Are you spying on us? Women only!"

Wesley glanced at the door. "You didn't close your door. I was just passing by."

"Humph! Just get out," the angry mother snorted and glared at him.

He didn't move. Instead, he looked at the two women standing hand-in-hand, and told his mother, "You don't need to be so nice to her. She won't be your daughter-in-law."

His words pained Blair's heart.

Cecelia was shocked. She didn't expect her son to speak so bluntly in front of Blair, not worrying about sparing her feelings. Irked by her stupid son, the mother ranted, "Who said anything about that? Niles likes Blair. I like Blair. I can spoil anyone I like. Why do I need your permission, huh?"

"Whatever." With that, he turned and went downstairs.

Cecelia knew how Blair felt about Wesley, so she tried to comfort the heartbroken girl. "He's an idiot when it comes to love. He doesn't understand his heart yet. Trust me. I know he has feelings for you. Just give him time."

Blair flashed a self-mocking smile. "Time? How long do I need to wait? Aunt Cecelia, I've been into him since I was a university student. He's had a few years."

"And maybe he needs a little more time. Don't be sad, Blair. I have your back."

Blair nodded, "I know. Thank you, Aunt Cecelia." After a pause, she added, "But you don't know Wesley. He never liked me. I know you want him to, but it wasn't meant to be. Know what? He told me that he was nice to me because you liked me. He wanted to make you happy."

She had almost believed that Wesley was a mama's boy who would do anything his mom told him to.

Unconvinced, Cecelia pursed her lips. "Make me happy? He always pisses me off. He couldn't admit his true feelings for you and found a bullshit excuse."

Blair smiled bitterly without uttering a word. The kind mother's comforting words couldn't chase away the sadness in her heart.

Hearing no response from the girl, Cecelia advised worriedly, "Trust me. It's not to make me happy. Don't believe me? Try this: Say he liked a girl, and I didn't. If he liked her

nd. He's been taking care of me..." Cecelia was excited to hear that. "See? I knew it! Wesley never knew much about women. He loves you too much so he knows what to do on instinct."

Blair nodded with a sob. "Yeah. Thank you for your support, Aunt."

"Okay. Stop crying now. If Wesley sees you, he might think I'm being mean to you." Deep inside, Cecelia sympathized with this orphaned girl.

"He won't. He knows you like me. He even took care of me to make you happy," she joked, a complicated feeling in her heart.

"Whatever. As long as he's good to you. Okay, good night. Sleep tight."

"Good night, Aunt Cecelia."

After returning to her bedroom, Cecelia told Baldwin in a chirpy voice, "Honey, you'll never guess what Blair and Wesley were up to. Turns out your older son took her out for snacks and drinks yesterday!"

Baldwin pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose while saying, "I guess he's not that clueless after all. It's just that he hadn't met the right girl yet. See how he treats Blair? He went out and bought her lipstick and perfume, went to an amusement park with her, took her out for snacks, and he even drove her here. That's not a short drive! He took care of her while she was here. Did you raise him like that? No. He did all that because he wanted to."

"I agree. But he's still saying hurtful things. I get so angry every time I think about it. I try to help him out, but he always disobeys me! Huh!" Cecelia remarked angrily.

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