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   Chapter 646 Time Will Tell

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Lauren chuckled in response. She patted Cecelia's hand and assured her, "It's only because those two haven't met the right girls yet. When they do meet the perfect soul-mates, they will bring them over to meet you even if you don't ask them to. Boys like to show off!"

Lauren's remark triggered a kind of bitterness inside Blair's heart. Her thoughts became melancholic instantly. She knew that the older woman did have a point. There was a very high chance that Wesley might indeed not care for her. Otherwise, they should already have been together by now, without her having to put so much effort into the non-existent relationship. If he liked her at all, he should have been chasing her. Moreover, with everything she had done for him, he should have been moved by now.

But alas! To hide her embarrassment, Blair took out her phone and pretended to search for something by firing up her browser. Meanwhile, she was secretly considering whether she should leave the room or stay.

Her dejection did not escape Cecelia's keen eyes, which were mostly focused on her these days. It pained the motherly Cecelia to see this young girl sad and she understood why. Therefore, she deliberately remarked, "That's true with Niles. But Wesley is quite introverted by nature. He might be too shy to act on his impulses. This makes him vulnerable. You know, he often lets his opportunities slip away even if he does like someone."

She wanted Blair to hear those words and she succeeded in her efforts. As for Lauren, she didn't have a clue what was going on and urged the topic of their discussion, "Wesley, your parents are worried about you. It's time to get a girlfriend."

Wesley nodded without saying a word. He did not feel comfortable discussing his love-life with these women.

Lauren had been persuading him to start seeing someone only because she wanted to fix him up with her daughter. Wesley was quite a desirable groom! By that time, the topic became too much for Blair to handle. Holding her phone in one hand, she quietly got up and left the living room.

She made a pit stop inside the bathroom on her way upstairs and then proceeded to lock herself up in her bedroom.

Niles also left the living room shortly after she did. By the time Blair had closed her door, he had already reached the second floor.

Wesley, who had seen them leave one after the other, had a look in his eyes that clearly wasn't a happy one.

Niles hesitated for a second and then knocked on her door. Blair answered. After Wesley had punched him, he didn't dare enter Blair's room anymore. So he talked with her in the doorway. "Were you bored too down there?" he asked.

Blair smiled with embarrassment and leaned on the door. "I wasn't actually bored. I just don't know them that well, so I had no idea what to talk about with them.

sten to her. It's nothing like that. I'm going to my room now," he explained hastily.

After that, he ran towards his room. Full pelt!

Bam! The door to his room was shut in fear.

Slam! The door to Blair's room was slammed closed too. But in fury! Wesley was left standing alone in the hallway.

Leaning against the door, Blair put her ear to it and listened carefully to find out what Wesley was doing now.

However, she couldn't tell. Even if he began to walk, his steps were always too quiet to make any sound. So Blair wasn't sure whether he was still outside the door.

In less than a minute, she heard Garnet's voice float in. "Wesley, what are you doing here? I was looking for you..." she asked.

Wesley looked at her and replied, "Nothing. I'm on my way to my room."

"Oh. Listen, do you have time this afternoon? I'm leaving tomorrow. Can you please come to the shooting gallery with me?" Garnet looked around as she asked.

"Sorry. I'm going to visit a former superior of mine about your transfer this afternoon, so I can't go with you," Wesley replied. When she heard that he was going to tend to something that concerned herself, Garnet didn't insist on her request.

"All right. I saw Blair and Niles come up just now. Where are they?" she enquired.

"In their rooms." With that short reply, Wesley made his way towards his own room.

Blair wasn't sure whether Garnet followed him into his bedroom or not. The hallway was quiet afterwards and she couldn't hear anything.

Near noon, Cecelia climbed to the second floor and asked her to come downstairs for lunch. "Blair, lunch is ready."

Blair nodded and began to tidy her bed. Then, as she was about to go downstairs with Cecelia, she was stopped by the older woman and told, "Blair, I get Lauren's point. She wants her daughter to be Wesley's girlfriend. But I like you. So I'm on your side."

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