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   Chapter 644 I’m Gonna Get Lost

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7390

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"That's exactly what you meant. You told me to get lost," Blair remarked sadly. 'How could he say that to me? If he didn't want me around, he could have just said that. Why did he have to be so rude and harsh?' she thought to herself.

Wesley panicked when he spotted the sadness in her eyes. He stood up and explained, "I wasn't saying it to you. That was meant for Niles."

Bam! That was the sound of a door closing. Niles fled to his bedroom and slammed his door shut—hard. You could hear it from anywhere in the house.

His explanation didn't make Blair feel any better. She gnawed at her lower lip and uttered dejectedly, "I should have left well enough alone. It's none of my business. I'm sorry. I'll get lost now."

She turned to leave. Wesley grabbed her wrist and said, "Blair."

"What!" She glared at him with red eyes.

"Cut it out!" Wesley said. The woman always had new tricks to play on him. He wouldn't be taken in this time.

Blair sighed, pouting. 'Fine. He's good. He got me. But how did I fall for it again?' She didn't dwell on her failure, though. "You're the older one. You're supposed to protect him. Why are you so mean to him? And you knew he did nothing wrong," she told him. Her voice returned to normal.

'He lay on your bed. He was asking for it. My only regret is that I didn't beat him hard enough, ' Wesley thought to himself.

He had been silent. Too silent. Blair sighed, "You're quiet. I suppose I can't convince you to go easier on Niles, huh? Never mind. Forget what I said. I'm going back to my room. Good night."

She wrenched free of his grip and continued to walk to the door.

"It's not like that," he said, looking at her receding figure. Blair giggled without turning around.

"All right. Go to sleep. We shouldn't disturb the others," she said.

Wesley leaned on the door and watched her leave. When she reached Niles' room, she lifted her hand like she was going to knock. But then something dawned on her. She put her hand down and continued to her own room.

Actually, she wanted to say something to make Niles feel better. But considering what happened tonight, she decided against it.

When everyone had retired to their own rooms,

shower and let's eat breakfast," she reminded him with a smile.

"Okay." Wesley greeted his grandpa and went upstairs to his bedroom.

While Wesley and Blair talked, Keith observed them with a satisfied smile. But he pretended not to notice. It was best not to push the boy.

Near noon, a group of guests visited the Li family. Wesley was sitting on the couch, playing on his phone while Blair was watching TV with Cecelia. A bowl of sunflower seeds sat on the table in front of the sofa.

"Wesley!" Garnet called out. She was crushing so hard that all she saw was him. Shortly after, she realized that she had gotten too excited. So she greeted Keith first before walking up to Wesley.

It was not until then that she noticed Blair. But her glance didn't linger.

Garnet's parents were with her too. They had brought some gifts to say happy New Year to the family.

Wesley and Niles greeted her parents politely.

Garnet's father was a serious and proud man. But when he saw Wesley, he was all smiles. "Long time no see. Glad you came!"

"I have more available time now. I can come home for Spring Festival each year from now on," Wesley replied.

Garnet's mom, Lauren, said with a smile, "We heard Wesley got promoted again. He is so successful. You must be very proud."

Cecelia grinned happily as if there were a hanger in her mouth. She was always proud of Wesley. Still, she said modestly, "He's a great guy, but believe me, he's not perfect."

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