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   Chapter 643 Get Lost

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After deleting the video, Wesley threw Niles' phone back to him. As Wesley approached, Niles could hear the knuckles of his brother's hands cracking. "You threatened me. Know what happened to the last guy who did that?" Wesley said.

"No. What happened to him?" Niles asked. His heart was hammering in his chest. He knew what awaited him if his threat didn't work—another round of Wesley's fists. Niles was anxious. He could only think of one person who could save him. Curling up in a corner, he secretly dialed Blair's number.

When Wesley was close enough, he dragged Niles to the edge of the bed and told him in a menacing tone, "I cracked his skull open. He's probably been reincarnated by now. Want what he got?"

Blair picked up the phone. To make sure Wesley wouldn't find out, Niles quickly put his phone down on the bed and pleaded apologetically, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have threatened you. But come on! I'm your little brother. Can't you just let up? Just for one second?"

He was so nervous he kept glancing at his phone. Wesley couldn't miss that and followed his gaze. He reached to grab for the phone. Niles wasn't quick enough to stop him. The screen was on, and the call to Blair was displayed, along with how long the call had lasted.

"Hi, Niles. What's up?" Both of them could hear her on the other end. Niles sensed that Wesley was going to hang up the phone, so he yelled quickly into his phone, "Blair, help!"

No sooner had he shouted these words than Wesley cut the call short.

Niles wasn't sure if Blair heard him.

"Wesley, please. Just let me up. I'll go back to my room," he pleaded again, wistfully; but there was never a single tear on his face.

As if he heard nothing, Wesley sent him sprawling on the bed again and punched him.

Just then, "Knock, knock, knock." Someone was knocking at the door.

Niles guessed it must be Blair. His eyes widened, shining with hope. "Blair, ah! Help! Help! He's killing me!" he wailed.

"Shut up, idiot!" Wesley warned him and covered his mouth with one hand.

"Mmph...mmmm..." Niles struggled, still trying to utter some words, but Wesley's "gag" was too strong.

Wesley assumed if no one answered the door, the person outside would leave, but Blair wasn't going to give up so easily. She was worried about Niles,

mself off the bed and ran towards the door as quickly as his slippers could take him.

"Stop!" Wesley demanded as Niles passed him.

"But Blair said I could leave," Niles said, freezing in his tracks.

Blair walked up to Wesley and pointed out, "I told you nothing happened between Niles and me. I told you to leave him alone. Why did you beat him up? You're impossible!"

Wesley looked at her and countered, "He's fine. He's a guy. A few punches won't kill him." To Wesley, the beating was fully justified. Niles had not only gotten too close to Blair but also threatened him. He should have known better.

The bruises on Niles' face made Blair feel terrible. She wished Wesley would treat his brother better. "There are lots of ways to solve problems. Why do you always use your fists? Why not use your head once in awhile?"

Niles, who was too afraid to leave without his brother's permission, nodded violently when he heard Blair's words. As far back as Niles could remember, Wesley always solved his problems with violence.

Wesley closed his eyes and leaned back on the sofa. "Get lost!" he said coldly.

'Get lost?' Niles and Blair exchanged a look. The expressions on their faces were in sharp contrast.

Niles dashed out of Wesley's room excitedly.

Blair looked at Wesley in disbelief. It was a while before she asked uncertainly, "You told me to get lost?"

Realizing she had misunderstood, Wesley opened his eyes. "Not you, him," he explained. He was conflicted about whether to ask her to leave or not.

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