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   Chapter 642 Not In The Face

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Baldwin followed Cecelia and walked out of the bedroom as well. But he didn't enter Blair's bedroom. Instead, he just stood at the door.

Spotting Cecelia, Blair got off the bed quickly and stood respectfully. "It's nothing, Aunt Cecelia. Niles and I were just talking," she explained.

"Mom, help! My brother's trying to strangle me! Just because I talked to Blair!" Niles cried, his face red from not being able to breathe.

Cecelia rushed over to stop Wesley. "What are you doing? Let go of your brother!"

But Wesley decided to disobey. "He's sleeping in my room tonight!" he declared coldly.

"Huh? What? Noooooo!" Niles howled desperately.

"Niles has his own bedroom. He can sleep there," Cecelia said, shooting Wesley an odd look. Thinking of what Niles did, Wesley wanted to use him for target practice.

"I need to watch him like a hawk! If I don't, he'll climb onto Blair's bed again!"

Baldwin and Cecelia were shocked to hear that.

"Blair, help me! Tell him nothing happened. I was just playing with my phone on your bed," Niles pleaded.

Blair nodded. The key point she wanted to stress was, "Nothing happened between us."

But all Cecelia heard was, 'Niles was on Blair's bed!' Flaring up, she slapped Niles' arm and snarled, "Why were you on Blair's bed? Your own room too small?"

"No, Mom, we were just talking," Niles explained, gasping for air.

Wesley was tired of listening to him. He hauled him out of Blair's room by the collar. "Wait! My phone! It's still on Blair's bed!" Niles shouted as he was dragged out.

On Blair's bed... that didn't go over well.

His parents rolled their eyes at him.

They both were pushing for Blair to be Wesley's girlfriend. They didn't want anything going wrong. What Niles did was inappropriate. So they wouldn't stand in Wesley's way.

Niles' screams reverberated across the hallway. "Come on man, you're my brother. Cut it out! She's not even my type. You know I like thin chick

before Wesley finally let him off.

But Niles never learned his lesson. Wesley released him and was going to march him into the bathroom, but the younger brother spoke again. "You're always beating me up. How about you let up and I'll teach you how to chase girls? Come on! Don't stare at me like that. I can help you net Blair. Eh? What's with the fist? Ah!"

The older brother landed a punch on Niles' jaw. But Wesley wasn't done. He raised his fist to hit him again. To save his life, Niles threatened, "If you hit me again, I'll send this video to Blair!"

He lifted his phone to show Wesley what he was talking about.

But Wesley ignored him. He continued raining blows on him, this time on his back. Niles clicked on the video and shoved his phone close to Wesley's face.

The video he was playing made Wesley stop. It was set in a hospital ward. Blair lay in the hospital bed unconscious. The soldier sat by the bed, stroking her hand.

Seeing the video, Wesley snatched Niles' phone away from him and bellowed, "How could you record this, you creep!"

Niles cringed into a corner as Wesley deleted the video. "I have another copy. Unless you beat me to death tonight, I'll send this to Blair even if I have to use my last breath. I'll let her know what a hypocrite my big brother is. Humph!"

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