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   Chapter 641 Niles Took A Knock

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"Then what should I get Niles?" Blair asked.

"Nothing," answered Wesley.

"Wesley, that's a little rude, don't you think? Giving him rent money would seem a little off. I honestly think I should at least give him a gift." Blair planned on buying Niles a gift while they were picking out gifts for Wesley's parents and his grandfather, but he was very much against it.

He was still very insistent Blair should buy nothing for his brother. "I was the one who let you live in his apartment. If there's anyone you need to pay, it's me. You've already gotten me a razor, so we're even now. Stop worrying about Niles, will you? He doesn't need anything. You taking over his apartment is none of his business," Wesley said sternly.

'That doesn't even make any sense!' Blair thought. She knew well enough there was no winning this argument, so she just dropped it.

She and Wesley then went to the cinema and saw a New Year's movie. Blair was still thinking about the movie as they were leaving the theater. She was so into it, and was pretty upset about how the movie ended. "I just wish the male lead didn't die. The female lead would have left the city for the countryside, and they could still have lived happily ever after."

"I beg to disagree. Living together is different from dating. Soon enough, they'll grow tired of each other. If they're not the perfect cut for each other, they soon will have to end things between them," Wesley replied.

That took her by surprise. 'Who would have thought that remark came from someone who had never been in a relationship and loathed women?' she mused.

Wesley's family had gone to their respective bedrooms by the time he and Blair got home. The lights in the living room were left on for them.

Wesley took Blair upstairs. "This one, this one, and that one are all available. You can choose whichever room you want," he said as he pointed at the rooms.

"Which one is yours?" she asked.

He jutted his chin to indicate where his bedroom was. "I'll stay in the room next to yours," Blair decided.

"The room next to mine is the storage room," he said. He wasn't home most of the time, so he chose to stay in a quiet room, somewhere far from the stairs.

"Oh, okay. Then I choose this one." She picked another room.

She chose the one next to Niles'. Wesley pushed the door open and turned the lights on for her. "Go brush your teeth and wash your face. I'll prepare the bed for you," he said. That room was the one Cecelia hoped Blair would stay in. Fresh bed sheets were already placed inside the closet. The only thing she needed to do was to make the bed.


ugged on his arm a little too hard and lost her balance. She dropped prone on the bed and hit Niles' elbow.

He was so worried he would lose his winning streak and was about to shove Blair away when they heard the door open.

Wesley stood in the doorway with a grim look on his face. He was looking sternly at the two on the bed: Niles on his back and Blair on her stomach.

Niles' arm was still under her.

When Niles heard the door open, he had to lean closer towards Blair to see who it was. Needless to say, they were caught in a compromising position. That was not at all helping them, especially Niles.

"What are you two doing?" Wesley asked coldly.

Blair firmly shook her head. She wanted to explain it was all a big misunderstanding, but she was so scared her words failed her.

Niles, on the other hand, was on a different page. He tossed his phone aside and reached for Blair's arm. He then proceeded to ask her tenderly, "B Love, are you alright? Were you hurt?"

Blair's eyes widened in confusion. 'Why on earth is he calling me "B Love"?'

Wesley hastily made his way to the bed and grabbed Niles by the collar and off the bed. He was fuming. "What the hell are you doing here? It's the middle of the night!" he growled.

"Wesley, listen to me. It's all just a misunderstanding! It's not what it looks like," Niles tried to explain.

Diagonally opposite Blair's room was Wesley's parents' room. Wesley left the door behind him wide open. All the commotion caused by the trio caused the older couple to wake up. When Cecelia turned the lights on to check what was happening, the sight of her older son holding his younger brother by the collar welcomed her. "Somebody explain to me what is going on," she said wide-eyed.

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