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   Chapter 640 Patient Boyfriend

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"One glass, nothing less or more!" Blair insisted, haggling the amount with him.

"Then forget it!" Wesley declared in a final tone.

"Come on! Look, it would only be wasting the drink if I took just a single sip from an entire glass," she argued stubbornly as they walked out of the parking lot, haggling over the amount like a needy child. As they came out of the warm building, the cold air blew on their faces, and Blair felt a chill. She clutched her clothes tighter and moved closer to him.

Wesley noticed her movement and could see her shiver too. He grabbed her hand to keep it warm. "I'll drink the rest of it," he promised, still in no mood to budge.

"You're taking the fun out of it. Forget it. I don't want to drink it anymore," she complained.

"Okay" was all he said. He didn't try to convince her otherwise anymore.

Blair felt tricked now. Was this what he had wanted all along? In any case, Wesley took her to a beverage bar and ordered a cup of milk tea for her.

When she was served the warm cup of tea, she held it in her hands and asked before taking a sip, "Does this taste good?" She had no idea about it because she scarcely drank it. Her usual preference was fruit tea.

Wesley himself had no idea about the taste, and he merely shook his head. "I don't know."

"Then why did you buy this for me?" Blair rolled her eyes.

"I just heard that girls like it," came an honest reply. Wesley was wondering if she would be any happier if he also bought her some oden. Thinking that it might be worth a shot, he decided to go ahead anyway.

As Blair sucked the pearls greedily through the straw, Wesley took her to a snack bar selling oden. "Want some?" he asked her, deciding that it would be better if he asked her first.

Blair rubbed her belly, whose fully occupied volume could be seen from a certain angle. "Yeah all right. But just a little. I'm still quite full."

"Okay," he responded simply.

Blair picked out a few snacks and checked them out.

After that, they continued to wander on the streets; Wesley was holding her tea for her while she ate her oden. "How did you come to know about this place?" she asked.

"I came here with Garnet yesterday," came another short and honest response.

Blair's hand was midway to her mouth and stopped in the air when she heard that. "You brought her here too?"


"You bought milk tea for her too?"

"No. The line was too long. I didn't have the time to wait."

"So, would you have bought it for her if you hadn't been in a rush?" She stopped to look at him.

"Yes," he replied bluntly.

'Listen to him. He is so...Aargh!' Blair ran out of words she could use to describe him. He really knew little about girls. She was pissed at him now. But he wouldn't understand things through anger. She would have to explain like a primary school teacher. "Wesley," she began after taking a moment to calm herself down.



nt boyfriend, and went into a corner to wait for her, still holding her milk tea in one hand. After she walked out of the ladies' room two minutes later, Blair began dragging him towards the men's section of one of the stores.

"Can you switch your razor for a new one?" she asked.

"It'll be wasteful." The one Megan had bought him was still new and working perfectly.

"You can give it to one of your colleagues," Blair suggested. This way, both she and his colleague would be happy. The perfect solution involving three people but no Megan! Blair found herself brilliant.

Maybe Wesley also thought that it was a good idea, because he nodded and agreed, "Okay."

Blair happily picked out an electric razor for him. After paying for it, she put the receipt into her pocket and declared, "l still owe you $300, 000. When I've earned enough money, I'll pay you back."

"You..." Wesley wanted to tell her that she really didn't have to pay him back, but then he remembered how stubborn and adamant she had been about it, so he agreed, "Okay, take your time."

"I'll pay you as soon as possible." Blair was aware of the fact that Wesley always worked hard. His money was hard-earned and well-deserved. That was why she had been so insistent on paying him back.

Wesley didn't respond to that promise. 'Does she really have to draw a line between what's hers and what's mine?' he thought.

As they passed by a watch store, Blair thought of Niles. She hadn't bought anything for him. "I want to buy a watch for Niles. I lived in his apartment for a long time but never paid the rent. I feel bad about it."

"Don't. He doesn't need a watch."

Wesley was rather quick to respond this time. "But he always wears one after work!"

"He has too many watches already. Even if you bought him a new one, he probably would never wear it. It would be a waste of money. So don't bother." With that, he took her hand and dragged her out of the men's section.

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