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   Chapter 639 Sounds Good

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Blair didn't hear Wesley coming up behind her. She rolled her eyes and decided to say something to make him jealous. She turned around and asked the man leaning against his car, "By the way, there's a guy I'm talking to on WeChat. He lives around here. He's good at taekwondo, so he can definitely protect me. Don't worry about me."

Wesley, who was about to light a cigarette, decided to call her bluff with a barrage of questions. "What's his name? Where does he live? How old is he? What does he do? How did you two know each other? Why date him? Did he ask you out? He knew you were in A Country?"

There were so many questions that Blair only remembered some of them. "He's 31, a taekwondo coach. We met at a party and started talking. He asked me to look him up when I was in town. I'm texting him that I'm here. I'm sure he'll ask me out." After saying that, she took out her phone.

Turning around, she walked to the elevator without looking at Wesley's face.

She opened the WeChat and clicked a dialog box. She wrote, "Hey, you up?"

The reply came soon. "Yeah. Free now, Bless?"

Blair typed, "Mmm hmm. I'm in your town, actually. Wanna get a cup of coffee?" She was about to click the "send" button.

Before she could do so, her phone was snatched away. Giggling in her heart, she pretended to yell, "Help! Thief!"

Wesley was stunned into silence by her reaction.

Some people in the car park looked at them to figure out what the commotion was. Blair immediately waved her hand and cried, "He...he robbed me... Mmmph..." Wesley quickly covered her mouth.

With a deadpan face, he told the others apologetically, "Sorry, guys. She's my friend. She's mad at me, so..."

Seeing Wesley's military uniform, the onlookers immediately believed what he said. One of them even looked at Blair with an amused smile, saying, "That looks like a fun game. I'll have to try it sometime. Maybe my wife would be into it."

Blair's jaw dropped. She didn't know how to retort.

Wesley deleted what she had typed and typed a different message to the guy she was trying to me

ut for a bite. Or I'll tell your mom you bullied me and disobeyed her."

Wesley pulled her into his arms, lowered his head and looked at her red eyes. "What am I going to do with you? If I weren't a soldier, I'd marry you and ground you. You wouldn't be able to talk to a soul."

Blair knew what he meant and offered, "Marry me and ground me now. You can come home to a good meal and some sexy time. Then we'll have a baby. Our baby and I will stay at home and wait for you. Sounds good, huh?"

Yes. The scene Blair described was attractive. He had to admit that it melted his heart and turned him on all at the same time.

But soon he realized that he was a soldier. He was in danger every single day. He could die without warning. He couldn't let her go through that.

Blair could sense that his mood changed suddenly. She pretended to cough. "Ahem! Let go of me! You trying to strangle me?"

When he heard that, Wesley immediately let her go. "Get your act together," he warned.

"I cried for such a long time I think I turned thirty," Blair complained, pouting her lips.

Wesley sighed helplessly and asked, "What do you want to drink?"

"Are you going to buy me whatever I want?"

"Of course."

"An ice coke!"

He wanted to argue it was winter, but he also promised that he would buy her whatever she wanted to drink. "You can only take a sip," he finally said.

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