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   Chapter 638 I Need To Take Care Of You

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Wesley said nothing more. After a moment of thought, Blair said seriously, "How about I stay at a hotel tonight? There's one not far from where you're living." It would be improper to stay at the Li family's villa. Especially given what happened between her and Wesley.

"No need for that. We have tons of space."

"But I hate bugging you..." 'I'm not Wesley's girlfriend. It's pretty embarrassing to stay with him, ' she thought.

"Don't think like that. My family loves you. They love having you around. Please. Stay," Wesley said earnestly. He could tell that his grandpa was more than thrilled because Blair was there. There was a spring in the old man's step and a light in his eyes. He wanted his grandpa to be happy. More importantly, he wanted to spend more time with her.

Rather than argue any further, Blair gave in. "All right then. Hey, where are we going?"

It was freezing outside, and Wesley knew that she was not used to the cold. He planned to take her to a mall. "Let's go shopping."

"Okay." Actually, as long as she was by his side, she was fine wherever Wesley wanted to go.

He stopped at a red light, looked out the window and said, "My alma mater."

"Huh?" Blair followed his gaze and saw a school—F City No. 1 Primary School.

The school gates were closed, and there was only one old guy on duty in the reception office. Wesley started the engine, so Blair looked away. "You haven't been there in a long time, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah. More than ten years." He hadn't been there since he had graduated from primary school.

"Which junior middle school did you go to?"

He chuckled. "No. 1 Junior Middle School. Just down the road a ways."

"What about senior middle school?"

"The same middle school. I skipped two grades, and when I was 15, I attended the University of National Defense in G City." After graduation, Wesley had a pretty nice rank in the army. Not high, but definitely higher than most recruits. That was why he was now much younger than his colleagues of the same rank.

"Did she go to the same schools?" Blair suddenly asked.

"Who?" Wesley was puzzled.

"That girl with short hair... I tried to video chat with you yesterday, but she answered." Her uniform

'Seriously? Why does he have to ruin my holiday like this?' she thought.

He let go of her and step backwards. "I don't want Mom and Grandpa to be unhappy."

"I see." She was still smiling, hiding her emotion deep inside.

She was already used to Wesley turning her down. It was not the first time he had done this.

'Fine. Since you fucked up my holiday, you can't have a good holiday either.

I have lots of ways to make you mad, ' she thought angrily.

Wesley felt something was not right judging from her expression. "Penny for your thoughts?" he pried.

"Mind your own business!" She adjusted her hat. "You can just wait here or look around. I'll go shopping myself. When I'm done, I'll come back here and we'll go back to your house. Sounds like your family will be upset if we don't."

Wesley sighed helplessly. "You don't know this city."

Blair rolled her eyes at him. "Okay. And?"

"I brought you here. I need to take care of you," he insisted.

"No need for that, Colonel Li. I'm not a little girl. And I have my phone. If I really get lost, I can use Google Maps." He cocked an eyebrow. Blair put her hands inside her pockets and walked towards the elevator.

Wesley followed after her. But she turned around and yelled, "Hey!"


"Don't follow me! Otherwise, I'll call the police and tell them I have a stalker!"

Wesley stood there, open-mouthed, silent.

Seeing his sullen face, Blair felt better. She turned around and kept walking.

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