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   Chapter 637 Visiting The Li Family

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 10660

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Seeing that Wesley had already finished his breakfast, Blair decided that she shouldn't make him late. She swallowed the egg inside her mouth hurriedly after a few furious chews, and slid her phone back into her pocket. "We don't want to be late. I can bring the sandwich with me and eat it in the car," she told him.

But the man stopped her. "You may get sick if you try to eat in the car. The road is a bit bumpy. Just take your time and finish your breakfast at leisure. We're in no hurry." He brought his plate with him into the kitchen.

"All right." If that was the case, then why worry? Blair began to eat her sandwich at an easy pace. To her surprise, it tasted good despite the fact that Wesley was not known to be a good chef. He couldn't even chop vegetables or salads properly.

After the breakfast, Wesley grabbed her suitcase in his hand and they left the apartment together. What worried her was that she was dressed for the weather while Wesley was not.

She was wearing a pink down coat, a white woolen hat that was complemented with a bit of fur at its ends, and a white scarf.

Wesley, however, was wearing only a simple shirt and a coat matching his pants. Although he looked quite handsome in this dress compared to some people who became plump and awkward after putting on too much, he still would have been cold in that. The coat wasn't nearly enough.

Blair was getting the feeling that they were living in completely different seasons. When they entered the elevator, she couldn't help it anymore and asked with concern, "Aren't you cold?"

"No," he replied shortly and cast a casual glance at her, who was cumbersomely dressed in lots and lots of clothes and looking like a cuddly bear. "There is heating in the car."

"Mmm. As you wish." Blair shrugged. Maybe he really didn't get cold. She already knew there was heating in the car; what car wouldn't have a heater in it? But there was no heating on the way to the underground car park and it was chilly outside.

Blair continued to play with her phone after getting into Wesley's car. Before long, they left the city behind them and the car rumbled onto the expressway, breaking out of the bounds of city speed limits. She looked out the window, lost deep in thought.

Today, she was going to his home to visit his family, but not as his girlfriend. 'Is it possible that I'll go to visit his family as his girlfriend one day?' she sighed inwardly.

"Are you sleepy?" Blair suddenly asked, stealing a glance at him.

"No. You get some sleep if you want," Wesley answered with his attention still focused on the road. He knew that she must be sleepy. She slept late last night and got up early this morning.

"Okay. But if you do get sleepy, just wake me up. I can drive," she offered.

'A petite girl like her drives my jeep? Hell no!' Wesley was not sleepy at all, and after hearing her proposal, he became even soberer. There was no way he was letting such a heavy-duty vehicle into her hands. "Don't worry. I never drive when I'm tired."


Blair really was sleepy since she hadn't slept well because of what had happened last night. Plus they were on a freeway and the roa

be peeled, which meant cherries and blueberries in her opinion were the best. Her remark had been laid out in kindness, but she had blissfully made the mistake of not thinking that maybe Blair had different preferences than her.

Niles cast a burning glance towards Wesley. "They weren't for Blair, were they? You wanted them!"

"Mmm." Wesley didn't deny the accusation and leisurely picked up a mangosteen.

Cecelia, on seeing that the girl in front of her wasn't reacting, reached out and put a few blueberries in Blair's hand, urging her to try some. The latter sadly looked at the mangosteen in Wesley's hand, drooling. She liked mangosteens a lot. And the grapes looked inviting too.

It was only Baldwin who noticed that and was amused. He stood up and slid the bowl that Niles had brought in front of Blair. "Blair, don't listen to them. You can eat whatever you like."

Only then did Cecelia realize what she had said was not proper. "No, no, no. Blair, don't get me wrong. I just thought you might not want to peel the grapes and mangosteens," she explained hurriedly in a flustered tone.

Blair gave her a reassuring smile. "Aunt Cecelia, I knew what you meant."

Wesley placed the mangosteen that he had already peeled in front of Blair. Then he decided that he would help her settle in, and took her suitcase upstairs, leaving her in the living room with his family.

By the time they were done with supper, it was still quite early. Cecelia suggested that Blair and Wesley go take a walk. Niles wanted to hang around with the two, but Keith made up an excuse, saying that he was not feeling well and the poor man was forced to stay. To be honest, the old man was feeling chipper than ever but wanted to create more chances for Blair and Wesley to bond. They all liked the girl.

Instead of taking a walk, the two got in his car, and Wesley drove off. "Are you full?" he asked.

"I'm stuffed," Blair responded. The Li family members had all been very kind to her, to the point that they had stuffed her beyond her limit. Cecelia had placed some food onto Blair's plate even after she was full.

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