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   Chapter 634 Wesley And The Women Who Love Him

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"Bro, I saw this bomb-ass watch, but it's way out of my price range. Buy it for me?" Niles asked Wesley. He hadn't started working yet, and when he wanted to buy something that he could not afford, he would ask Wesley for money instead of his parents.

Wesley started to agree, but when he looked around the apartment, he decided otherwise.

In the past, he didn't have much use for the money he made. But now he needed to buy things for Blair. He sat on the sofa and said casually, "Sorry, I don't have it. Why don't you hit up Dad?"

"I did that the other day. It's too soon. Wesley, please! It's just 300k," Niles pleaded.

"I told you—what part of 'I don't have it' don't you understand?"

'What's wrong with him? He used to buy me stuff all the time. Why turn me down now?' Niles was puzzled. "If you don't have it, what did you spend it on?" he asked.

"I need to get an apartment." Wesley was telling the truth.

"What? You sold your room in the Hillside Apartments? You want to buy another one?"

"Yeah, I did. I'm planning on a longer stay, and the Hillside Apartments aren't as close as I like."

"I heard you also sold one of your apartments in A Country. You still don't have enough?" Niles was getting more confused by the minute. 'He's unloaded two apartments, and he still comes up short? Just how much is the new one he's looking at?' he thought.


"But you have a savings account!"

The last slender thread of Wesley's patience snapped. "No money! Get lost!" he spat. Then he hung up on his brother, not wanting to hear a reply.

'What did I do wrong? Why's he so mad at me?' Niles was shocked.

His hope of buying the watch crumbled to dust. 'I really want it. How can I afford it? Maybe sell my apartment? No! The housing prices aren't that good right now. It's a buyer's market, and I want my money's worth.'

It was the end of the year, and luckily, Wesley was able to take a few days off. He could go back to A Country.

Blair didn't think it was a problem. Even when Wesley was here in Y City, she couldn't see him very often. Not even once a week.


he woman flushed at Blair's words, and adopted an angry tone to cover up her embarrassment. "Wow! You're a piece of work! Wesley doesn't like you. Can't you see that? Don't bother him again. He's busy. He doesn't have time for girls like you."

Of course, Blair knew Wesley didn't love her. But it hadn't come up in so long, she'd forgotten.

But now this woman clearly told her Wesley didn't love her. She had to wake up from her sweetest dreams.

"Are you implying that you are the love of his life?" Blair asked in a low voice.

"I'm not implying anything. I'm telling you. Wesley and I grew up together, went to military school together and graduated together. We are going to be engaged soon. Romantic, huh?"

This hurt Blair worse than she had first thought, her face pale as a ghost. "Then who does he really want, you or Megan?" she pried.

"Huh? You know Megan? He wants me. Megan went to New York to celebrate the New Year. She doesn't stand a chance. You don't either. Time to go. Wesley and I have a date. Don't call him again. Otherwise, I'll put a bullet in your head! I'm a crack shot, bitch!" Then the video call disconnected.

Blair's heart broke as well.

In A Country

Wesley was helping his grandpa plant a flower, hands covered with mud. Garnet Jiang came over and said cheerfully, "Hey, let's grab a bite to eat. I've been drooling just thinking about that restaurant."

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