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   Chapter 633 Making Fun Of Wesley

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Against all etiquettes, Blair kept nosing around and saw that Megan had sent a bit too many WeChat messages to Wesley while they were still at the army base. She had even told him that someone had been following her the whole evening; a later message said that she was scared and wanted him to keep her company.

In response, Wesley had told her that he was busy right now, but he would ask her bodyguard about it and also, he was going to visit her tomorrow. Megan, of course, did not seem happy with that. But instead of acting it out, she had tried sadness as a weapon. She had sent him a crying-face emoji and complained that he didn't care for her anymore, just like Carlos.

Wesley had denied the claim. But Megan had kept sending him messages even after that. What was worse, he had been very patient and replied to every message she had sent.

Megan had also asked Wesley why he hadn't answered her phone call, and he had told her that it was not a convenient time to talk. To be honest, most of the time, he had been trying to avoid her.

When Wesley finally walked out of the bathroom, he saw that Blair was playing with his phone. He didn't seem to mind at all and asked casually, "Are you sleepy?"

He was hoping that she was too sleepy to mess with him any further. Wishful thinking!

"Wesley, I'm checking on your chat with Megan," Blair said in a matter-of-fact tone while scrolling through the chat log. "You know? Anyone who sees this will think these are the conversations of a couple. She even played cute and sweet." 'Damn! I've never played cute and sweet in front of him, ' she thought angrily.

Wesley walked towards her dressing table and picked up a facial mask without seeming to be angry, or in fact, anything. "Is it possible for you to leave her alone? Will you even choose her over your future girlfriend?" she asked.

In response, the man threw the facial mask back onto the dressing table and then stood beside her bed, reaching out his hand towards her.

Obviously, he wanted his phone back. Blair bit her lower lip, locked his phone, and gave it back to him.

He put the phone back into his pocket and told her, "It's late. You should get some sleep." Then he turned around and made his way towards the door without looking back.

"Wait! Are you mad at me because I saw the chat log?" Blair called out behind him. 'Humph! He always defends the bitch!' she thought.

"No," Wesley replied shortly without even turning his head. And it was true. There was no secret he shared with Megan that needed to be kept hidden from Blair.

Blair, however, had her own ideas. She fell down prone on the bed and pretended to sob. "Fine! Go away! Leave me alone! Do not come back to me ever again!"

Wesley felt completely helpless now. "It's late. You need to sleep."

Blair seemed to be in no mood to giv

al mask into the trash can. It had only been allowed to stay on her face for three minutes and then torn off.

Wesley shrugged nonchalantly.

He then sat back on the bed and told her, "Okay. In that case, I think I'll let it stay on my face a little longer."

That really brought her spirits down. Nevertheless, she didn't want to throw a tantrum just because of this event. After all, it was her who had started the lame joke. "Fine! I'll go wash my face. Just stay here and wait for me."

When she came back, Wesley saw that she did not seem so drunk anymore. So he got out of her bed and picked up his pillow and quilt. He was hoping she would let him leave.

"Sleep now," he simply said. "What? You are not staying?"

"You sobered up, so I'm leaving."

"No, I didn't. I'm still drunk." Blair blinked her eyes. "My head is spinning. What if I pass out when I go to the bathroom?"

Wesley pursed his lips and climbed onto her bed once again. It really was a roller coaster ride tonight.

After a while, Blair thought that Wesley was finally asleep, so she rested her head on his arm and put her leg on his, dozing off pretty soon afterwards.

But once more, just like last time when they had slept in the same bed, Wesley was unable to fall asleep. He had to take cold showers from time to time to cool himself down.

If she ever found out about this, she would not do it again. But she didn't know and seemed to be having a good night's sleep with his company.

On the third day, Blair started working in Orion's company. Just like in the Jin Group, she was once again given the position of head of the translation department.

Everything seemed to be okay here, though Blair thought that Orion was paying her a bit too much attention. Ah well, never mind. The salary was great!

Time went by fast. One day, when Wesley reached the apartment, he got a call from Niles.

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