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   Chapter 631 What Do You Think Of Cross-Cultural Love

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Blair noticed how Wesley walked on without saying a word. She sensed a brewing headache and wondered, 'Is he seriously giving me the silent treatment?'

They reached a crossroad; if they went right, they would reach the parking lot. The other led to the front gate. Wesley stopped in his tracks, hesitating for a few seconds. He gestured to the path that would bring them to the entrance. "I'll walk you to the gate," he said.

"Sure," Blair agreed as she let out a sigh of relief. He finally said something.

On their way to the front gate, Blair phoned Adalson. "Uncle Adalson, I have something to do and I'm leaving now. Yes, he's with me now. Okay. Bye."

Wesley escorted Blair on the way out. With him by her side, she got through the gate's heavy security without any difficulty. As soon as they got out of the base, a gust of cold wind hit her face.

It was dark outside, with only a few street lamps on. Blair jumped a few times to keep herself warm. She turned to Wesley and told him, "You can go back to your office. I'll just wait for Orion here. I won't go anywhere."

He put a cigarette between his lips and took out the lighter from his pocket. "Keep your distance from me, please."

Blair's lips twitched. Nonetheless, she took a few steps back and watched him light his cigarette.

"You... Are you a heavy smoker?" She'd seen him smoke more than a few times before.

He blew out a cloud of smoke opposite Blair's direction. He made sure his secondhand smoke would not reach the girl. "Not really." He only smoked heavily whenever he was annoyed.

'Not really?' Blair was not buying it. She tried her best not to nag, but she still ended up reminding him, "Don't smoke too much. It's bad for your health."

Wesley turned to look at her. He was puzzled by the girl's sudden concern for him. 'Is she worried about me?'

The way Wesley was looking at her made Blair uneasy. She was trying to make out what was going on behind his eyes. A few seconds passed and Blair finally started speaking again. "Well, it was not my intention to meddle with your business," she said quietly. "I purely meant what I said. Smoking kills, you know?"

Wesley pulled his gaze away from Blair and huffed another puff.

Blair sighed. She gave up trying to read Wesley's thoughts. Wesley seemed off to her. She just couldn't quite put her finger on it.

'Is it because of my poor singing? Is he disappointed in me? Did I let him down?

But I don't think that's the case. The younger soldiers told me I sang well, ' she thought to herself.

Blair kept moving around to keep herself warm. She tried jumping up and down, and stomping her feet. Aside from Blair's minimal squirming, there was only silence. The quiet was instantly

you should look around for a few options. Look around you," he said.

'Look around for a few options?' She stayed silent at Orion's suggestion. She didn't think she could easily replace Wesley with another man. Blair smiled at him. "Orion, I am happy with where I am currently," she said quietly.

She was not Wesley's girlfriend but she could take anything she was given: his company and his protection. She was satisfied with that.

Orion's face was painted with disappointment. He grabbed a glass of liquor and chugged it. "As long as you're happy. Anyway, when will you start working in my company?" It was clear that Orion no longer wanted to continue talking about love. Blair caught on when he switched the topic back to work.

"I originally planned on getting back to work after the Spring Festival, but since you're so busy and in need of more staff, I can start tomorrow or the day after." The Spring Festival was still a month from now. Blair had wanted to rest during that time and then go job hunting after the festival.

Orion nodded without hesitation, "That's great. I need your help. Get ready tomorrow and come to work from the day after. Okay?"

"Okay!" Blair agreed promptly.

After accepting the job, Blair started socializing with everyone in the room. Soon, it was 11:40, only twenty minutes until midnight. Everyone was still elated, ordering more and more drinks. It didn't look like they were planning to end the party soon, so she decided to bid everyone farewell. After all, she promised Wesley she would be home by midnight.

Before she got the chance to leave, Orion took a bottle of red wine and was ready to pour another glass of wine for her. "Come on, Blair," he told her. "Stay a little bit longer! We rarely get the chance to hang out together. I'll just drive you home later."

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