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   Chapter 630 Do You Trust Him

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Finally, the mystery was removed and the light shone on the performer. Blair could now be seen in the middle of the stage. She was dressed in a light-purple, strapless bubble skirt, with numerous shining paillettes sewn onto the hem. It looked like an unreal dress, complemented by the beautiful stage lighting. She had originally refused to change into the dress, but the worker on the back stage had kept on pestering her till she agreed.

There was also a simple crystal crown shining on her head under the silver light, and she looked like a beautiful princess from a Disney movie.

Wesley couldn't take his eyes off her. Here was something new again! What could this woman not do? Usually, she was dressed in casuals, or in office uniform. Perhaps the only sexy thing that had ever happened with her was her night dress. And now it was this!

Blair continued to sing, "I'm waiting for you, though I know you're beyond my reach. I hope I have the wings to fly to you. is bitter and sweet, with laughs and tears..." There wasn't much to rhyme in the song but that was supposed to be the beauty of it. Blair's own eyes were brimming with tears as she sang the sentimental lyrics; the audience was far too excited to notice that though.

The truth was, she was suddenly feeling like this emotive song had struck a chord in her heart, since she had faced the same emotions when Wesley had refused her proposal. And every time she missed him in the middle of the night, under the cover of darkness, the same feelings struck back. She had often looked up at the starry night with tears blurring her vision.

Thinking about those memories made her put much more emotions into her song. A teardrop finally fell from the corner of her eye, shining like a crystal under the bright light. The audience was too far out back but Wesley, who was sitting in VIP seats, noticed it since he was deeply focused on her. He felt his heart ache.

His phone still kept buzzing but now he wasn't replying to the barrage of messages from Megan anymore; instead, he had put it back into his pocket and his sole center of attention was the woman on the stage. Beautiful, shining, singing...

A few minutes later, she slowly ended the song on a mellow E note, which faded into the hall gradually. The music stopped. She smiled and bowed to the audience. "Thank you."

And she left the stage under a rumble of thunderous applause.

It didn't take her long to change back, but Blair didn't go back to her seat. She needed a little time to compose herself.

She had originally expected to be racked with nerves, but for some reason, things had turned melodramatic; she had been overwhelmed by sadness instead of nervousness.

Her performance also attracted a lot of single soldiers' attention. They were smitten by her beauty and by her voice.

When Wesley came around backstage, he found Blair was still there and that she was being b

"We met when I was studying in England. Tonight, we're going to meet and talk about my job offer," she told him honestly, holding back no information.

"He or she?" Wesley asked again.

"He...A boy called Orion. Don't worry. He's a good guy. His family just opened a company in Y City. You know, his mom treated me very well when I was in England. They made my staying there much easier." Blair flashed a smile.

Wesley threw a glance at her. Then without saying anything, he turned around and began to walk forward. This man was impossible to read!

Blair was confused. She followed him and added, "I've sent my location to him. He's going to come pick me up. I didn't want to bother...."

Her voice trailed off as the man in front of her suddenly stopped walking. It was so spur of the moment that she almost collided with him head on.

He turned around and stared at the confused woman. "That's okay. I'll drive you there."

"No, don't bother. You're going to be busy. I'll wait for Orion at the gate." She really didn't want to disturb him and stop him from working. From the day she had come to know him, he had been busy like a bee every day. The day they were having fun in Happy Valley was the only time that she had been able to stay with him all day long. Most of the time, she rarely saw him and could rarely manage to talk with him for a long time even though they lived in the same apartment.

Wesley's face fell. "Do you trust him?"

What kind of a question was that? Blair didn't realize Wesley's emotional change. But it was reasonable that he would be worried about her since it was already quite late. So she assured him, "Yes. He helped me a lot in England. We're good friends. Wesley, please don't worry. I'll try to be back inside the apartment before midnight."

'It won't take too long to talk about job, ' she thought.

Pressing his lips into a thin line, Wesley remained silent and turned around to walk on.

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