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   Chapter 629 The Performer Is Blair Jing

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Of the numerous men that worked under Wesley, there was one whom Blair didn't know. He seemed quite frank with the man since he teased excitedly, "Chief, I remember you saying she's Lieutenant General Ji's niece the last time she came here. Now you're telling us she's your friend. So by next time, will she be your girlfriend?"

The entire group burst into laughter except Blair and Wesley. One was shy, the other stoic. "Yes, exactly! Chief, we're supposed to bring a family member here tonight. And you've brought Blair here! We all understand what that means. So I guess you should just be honest with us!" another soldier echoed and added to Blair's misery.

"Chief, in any case, we all know what Blair means to you!" the soldiers said in union.

As the rumble of cheer and exclamation grew louder with every passing sentence, Blair's face got hotter and redder in shyness. She was trying her best to maintain a polite smile on her lips but it was getting increasingly difficult. On the other hand, Wesley had kept a calm face throughout the torture, betraying no emotions, as if he weren't the talk of the soldiers.

"Cut the crap! All of you! Go do whatever you've been told to do. If you continue with this nonsense, then be ready for extra training sessions," he ordered coldly as he scanned the men around him. "While everyone else is enjoying the show!" he added, seeing a grin that still hadn't faded on one of the soldier's faces.

The entire group immediately turned around in one uniform motion and dispersed. As they ran off, Blair heard someone say, "Come on guys, run! Retreat quickly! Chief's got hundreds of ways to torture you to death!"

Blair chuckled under her breath as she saw them flee. It felt quite liberating! Wesley shifted his eyes towards her. "Come to my office first."

"Yes, Colonel Li." Blair saluted him playfully since there was nobody else around them now and they could be as cute as they wanted.

Wesley grinned, and then told her in a stern voice, "Your salute isn't right. It's too far below the standards. Want me to train you?" The last sentence was less stern and felt more evil than it should have!

"Oh! No, no... I'm heading to your office right now! I am never saluting you again!" As she dropped those words, Blair took to her heels, running as fast as she could. She didn't even look back. Based on how strict Wesley was with his subordinates, she knew for sure that he wouldn't let her pass the bar so easily. For all intents and purposes, it would easily take her about a couple of weeks just to learn how to salute. So, of course she wasn't going to let him train her.

On her way to Wesley's office, Blair bumped into Adalson and unable to protest, was taken to his office instead.

Adalson slumped down in his chair comfortably and told her, "I had a hunch you would be here tonight. And boy was I right! Here you are!"

Embarrassed, Blair tried to explain, "I don't go to work these days. I feel bored staying at home all day long, so I've come to see tonight's show."

And although she didn't point out the person who had brought her, Adalson clearly knew the answer without even asking.

He thought about something for a moment, and suddenly said, "You know what? I'll have someone make a little change in the programs. You are goin

make a call. She loved talking to Joslyn. Besides, this was a military base and it was completely safe there. So he merely nodded and watched her leave, oblivious of the upcoming show he was about to witness.

As soon as she reached the door, Blair received Adalson's call. "Get to the back stage and get yourself prepared. I've arranged for someone there to help you. Hurry up."

"Okay," she said quickly and hung up. She was too nervous to talk.

Blair asked a soldier guarding the door to show her the way to the back stage. He merely pointed her the right way and did not leave his post. When she reached there, a worker was indeed waiting for her. The worker asked Blair if she needed to get changed. In response, she looked at herself—she was dressed in a pink, long, and thin jacket. "No need. Just a little bit of lipstick will be okay."

She wasn't the heroine of the evening show, and she didn't want to attract too much attention. As long as she didn't look terrible, she was fine by her appearance.

Wesley was still busy texting Megan. The girl kept sending him messages and wouldn't leave him alone. As a result, he didn't hear what the announcer said. But for some reason, the entire audience suddenly erupted in a rumble of exclamation and began a big round of applause all of a sudden.

A few soldiers who were sitting near him even called out his name slightly, and he could sense that their gazes had fallen on him.

While Wesley was still dealing with his confusion, a soft voice came from the stage. "I'm a small spray flying from a surging wave; you're the firework blooming in the Milky Way. Your light shines into my heart and I am about to evaporate..."

The atmosphere of the evening show had reached its climax. Thousands of audience broke into thunderous applause even before the first paragraph could end. Some of them even cheered and whistled.

The light hadn't shone on the performer yet. But he was clear about whose voice was gracing the mic. Wesley glanced at the empty seat next to him. 'She's the performer too?'

The voice continued singing, "My eyes chase your light in the starry, starry night. I know I won't be lonely with you watching over me..."

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