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   Chapter 628 A Distasteful Lunch

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After carrying her piggyback style for quite a while, Wesley was surprisingly not that tired. Even with his minimal sweating, Blair still offered to wipe his face.

He did not refuse her kind gesture and just let her do as she pleased while he browsed through the menu. "Which do you prefer? Western or Chinese? Well, it's fine whichever you like. They have them both here."

"I would like the steak."

"Okay then."

Wesley gestured that they were ready to order, and a waiter arrived at their table. Blair went to throw the napkin she wiped Wesley's face with and when she got back to her seat, she asked the waiter, "What kind of hot drinks do you serve?" She turned to look at Wesley and added, "I think you would like something hot to drink as well."

"Hmm. I don't think I want it. I'm fine with a glass of water." He turned to the waiter and asked, "Do you have any hot drink available?"

"Yes, sir. We have hot coffee, milk tea, and an assortment of fruit juice," the waiter replied.

Blair chose to have a steak set and a glass of fruit juice. Wesley, on the other hand, ordered a bowl of noodle soup.

Blair had seen it coming. Wesley was not that big of a fan of Western food after all.

It was not long before their meals arrived. The steak came first. Blair was hungry and took a hearty bite off the steak. However, the longer she chewed it, the more she lost her appetite. By the time Wesley's food reached their table, she'd grown fully sated of her steak that she couldn't stop looking at it.

Wesley noticed how intently Blair was looking at his noodles and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing," Blair replied as she shook her head.

He lowered his head to start eating the noodles. When he checked up on Blair, he noticed she hadn't touched it since his food came. "What's the matter? You don't like it? Does it not taste good?"

Blair's cheeks grew warm as she smiled coyly. She had eaten a lot of steaks when she was in England. This steak did not taste like how she remembered it. Fairly enough, one could not expect good quality food from a restaurant inside an amusement park. The steak tasted terrible. "No, it's quite alright," she lied.

However, Wesley saw right through her fib. He removed the plate in front of her and told her, "Order another dish."

Blair did not contest his suggestion and nodded. "Hmm. How about your noodles? Is it any good?"

Wesley was not that much of a foodie, so he replied nonchalantly, "Not too shabby."

"How about we just exchange our dishes?" Blair suggested hesitantly.

"But I've already taken a few bites off it."

She shook her head. "It's okay. I don't really mind." They had kissed more than a few times, so she figured sharing the same bowl of noodles was not really that big of a deal.

The soldier thought otherwise. He did not want Blair to have anything he had already eaten from. He answered, "No. I'll order you a fresh bowl."

"No, no. Just let me taste it first. What if I don't like it either? It would be a waste of food." Blair was aware Wesley was not a fan of extravagance and wastefulness.

He moved his bow

ce six. It was fair. She didn't have enough sleep and she spent most of the day playing around the theme park.

Before Wesley dropped Blair off, they first went to the fifth floor of Alioth Building for dinner.

She was ready to dive into her bed when they reached her apartment, but before she could do that Wesley stopped her to say something. "Two nights from now, there will be an evening show for the soldiers. Each soldier can bring a plus one. Would you like to come with me?"

'Evening show? That sounds interesting.' Blair nodded and said, "Oh, yes. You can count me in."

Wesley flashed a smile upon hearing Blair's answer. "Okay. I'll come to pick you up then."

"Okay, great!"

The following morning, Blair awoke to a text message from a former colleague in the Jin Group. The message was so startling it felt like she'd had her morning coffee.

"Blair, a little bird told me Mr. Jin had assigned Filberta as a manager of a branch company. I heard she's going to be transferred to a remote area. If she were to decline the transfer, Mr. Jin's wife would expose the photos containing her being assaulted by multiple people. Also, some people from the government came to inspect the Jin Group. They specifically audited the accounts of the translation department. Turns out they found anomalies and that pressured Mr. Jin to shut down the translation department."

Blair stared blankly at her phone. She was lost without thought after everything she had just read. This was the exact same thing she wished for while complaining to Joslyn. Everything she prayed for came true.

Did Wesley order someone to do this?

She couldn't help but let out a sigh. He was never good with sweet or romantic words. He only showed his resolve with actions.

On the night of the evening show, Blair and Wesley arrived at the military camp together. The other soldiers clamored at the sight of the two together.

Wesley scanned the faces of the soldiers around him and then proceeded to introduce Blair with so much composure. "Everyone, this is my friend, Blair Jing."

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