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   Chapter 626 Roller Coaster Ride

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Wesley knew what Blair was talking about. Talbot and the other soldiers always addressed each other like that. Of course, they didn't dare do that to Wesley.

Blair then continued to ride some other amusement park rides. Each time, she enjoyed the ride by herself, while Wesley waited on the sidelines.

Finally, Blair felt bored and upset. It was no fun going on rides by herself. She said angrily, "Next up is the roller coaster. You'd better ride this one with me."

"Mmm hmm," was all he said.

"Is that yes or no? Tell me straight up. Will you ride the roller coaster with me?" Blair asked with a glum face.

Wesley sighed and nodded. Of course he would. That was why he came here in the first place. He knew she would be scared to ride the roller coaster by herself.

Blair's mood brightened again when she got his answer.

When they walked past a vending machine, Blair jogged over to it. She intended to buy two bottles of mineral water, but on second thought, she changed her mind and bought just one.

As she walked back to Wesley, she unscrewed the lid and took a few sips to quench her thirst. Then, she mischievously passed the bottle of water to him.

Much to her surprise, Wesley naturally grabbed the bottle and gulped down the rest in one go.

Moreover, he didn't show a hint of disdain on his face. Didn't he mind sharing the same bottle? It was like a second-hand kiss.

In a daze, Blair took the empty bottle back and shook it. He didn't leave her so much as a drop of water.

With a smile, he tossed the empty bottle into the bin near them, sinking it effortlessly. He then grabbed the dazed girl's hand and strode forward.

The warmth from his big hand snapped her back to reality. Blair flashed a sweet smile and moved a step closer to him, locking her arm in his. Pretending to be angry, she complained, "You owe me a bottle of water, mister."

"Okay." 'I bought you ten cartons of milk the other day. Just one bottle of water? No big deal.'

On their way to the roller coaster, two girls had been following them the whole time. Well, to be more precise, they followed Wesley. Tall, handsome, masculine aura—what girl wouldn't enjoy watching him?

The two girls thought that Blair was his girlfriend at first. But after watching them from a careful distance, the girls concluded they weren't a couple, because they weren't intimate.

Then later, they were sad when they saw Wesley drinking from the same bottle of water as Blair. But they weren'

sitting in the first row!" she screamed, ready to escape.

Ignoring her protests, Wesley scooped her up and sat her down in one of the seats of the first row, while explaining, "Trust me. You won't be happy in the last row. If you sit in the first row, you get to see the action, up close and personal. The reason why a roller coaster is so thrilling is that you get to see what's going on. But in the back row, you're essentially weightless. If you don't have a strong stomach, you'll be emptying its contents by the end. That's not good for you, and I know it's not fun. Sit in the middle row, and you might as well throw away your ticket. Your view is blocked. You need to be able to see. It's more fun that way."

As he said that, he already sat next to Blair, fastened their seatbelts and closed the lap bars. After confirming everything, they just waited for the staff to check on their safety restraints.

Blair clutched his hand tightly and said in a trembling voice, "Okay...I trust you. You never lie."

Wesley smiled, "That's right.

Just like I told you." She felt a little better after hearing what he said. 'Yeah, he'd never lie to me!' she told herself.

A worker checked on the passengers one by one. After that, the bell rang, letting everyone know the ride was about to start. Wesley squeezed her hand, giving her comfort. "I'm by your side. Don't be afraid. You're safe."

Blair swallowed a little saliva and slowly tilted her head. She stared into his eyes; the deep and firm look in his eyes touched her heart. "Mmm hmm," she nodded.

He was here; she wasn't afraid.

Blair closed her eyes as the train slowly began its run.

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