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   Chapter 625 Sweetie

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Blair knew all about Megan. Some tidbits she heard from others. Some from Colleen. She even told her things that nobody else knew about.

"I never thought about it before." Wesley paused. "Maybe till she can find someone to take care of her."

That was the same thing he said to her. Blair rolled her eyes. "Officer Li, you're such a noble, decent, warm-hearted, selfless, wonderful man!" She used all the words she could think of at that moment. She was being sardonic, of course. Blair didn't buy into the "captain save-a-hoe" story. Wesley didn't say anything.

Blair knew he wouldn't.

She sighed and asked, "Are you sleepy?"

"No." He didn't understand why he would be tired. It was still morning. They had just gotten up.

Blair leaned back in her seat and was going to doze off. "I am. I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up if you start to get sleepy."

"Why would I do that?"

With her eyes closed, Blair answered feebly, "I'll talk to you so you can stay awake."

"Just go to sleep. Wake you up when we get there." Wesley thought she slept too much as it was. Of course, he didn't need much sleep anyway.

"Okay." She yawned, used the lever to ease the seat back until she felt comfortable, and then drifted off.

When they arrived, Wesley woke her after he parked the car. "Do you need more Zzzs? We can go in later," he asked as he looked at her droopy eyes.

"No, I'm good. Let's not waste any time." To prove that she was already totally awake, Blair unbuckled her seat belt quickly and jumped out of the car. Or at least, she tried, and then she remembered how high up his vehicle was, and stepped onto the running board, and then down. Then she closed the door.

A long line had formed in front of the ticket office. "Wait here. I'll get the tickets," she said.

Wesley stopped her, thinking that a man should be taking care of this kind of thing. "I'll go. Just wait for me by the entrance." He ge

at could light up the entire world. And her dimples...

Wesley pulled out his phone and snapped a pic. She was mesmerizing.

Now, that amazing smile, captured while she was on the carousel, was now in his photo gallery forever.

When Blair got off the carousel, she was still talking to Joslyn. She walked over to Wesley and took his arm.

"Me? I... I'm in Happy Valley right now," Blair replied on the phone.

"Happy Valley? Alone? Why didn't you invite me?" Joslyn complained.

Blair felt embarrassed, stroking her bangs awkwardly. "Um, I came with someone," she said in a low voice.

"Who?" Joslyn pursued the question, afraid that her best friend would forget all about her once she found herself a boyfriend.

Blair looked at Wesley, not knowing how to tell her. Wesley looked at back. When their eyes met, she panicked and looked away. "Joslyn, tell Hartwell. I'll text you when I'm home." She changed the subject hastily.

However, too thrilled about the fact that she was pregnant, Joslyn didn't detect anything unusual in her tone. "Okay. Bye, Bless."

"Bye, sweetie."

"'Sweetie'? Is that what girls call each other?" Wesley asked with a smile after Blair hung up.

"Er... Yeah. You guys do it too. The term 'bro' ring a bell?" she replied with a giggle.

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