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   Chapter 624 Set Off For Happy Valley

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7443

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Wesley nodded and said, "Then I'll head downstairs to get a box."

They didn't have a water dispenser yet in this new apartment, so they had been buying mineral water.

Seeing that he had turned around to buy water, Blair panicked. She grabbed his arm and said, "No...don't..."

Wesley had only to look at her to know what was going on. He gently moved her hand away and walked into the kitchen. Several 500 ml bottles of water along with a five liter bottle of water stood where they usually stored bottled mineral water.

He then opened the freezer to find that apart from food, there were also several kinds of beverages.

When he returned to the living room, Blair had already locked herself in her bedroom, too embarrassed to face him. He stared at the door to her bedroom for a bit, then smiled and walked inside his own bedroom.

The next morning, Blair was woken up by some sharp knocks on her door.

She turned in bed with annoyance, wondering if she'd dreamed it. Then she put the covers over her head, determined to get more sleep.

"Blair," Wesley called from outside the door.

Hearing his voice, she sat up abruptly.

"Blair," he called again.

Blair jumped out of bed, slipped into her slippers and trotted to open the door. Wesley was fully dressed, sporting a gray long-sleeved shirt (unbuttoned) over a white V-necked T-shirt and black jeans.

This was the first time she had seen him in something else other than his uniform and pajamas.

She looked at him in surprise, as if he had turned into a different person. Even his hair was a little messier than usual.

"7 a.m. Time to get up," he reminded her.

"It's too early." She was sleepy. Besides, she didn't even have to go to work. She needed her beauty sleep, and was determined to get it. That was what days off were for.

"Happy Valley," Wesley replied simply.

Oh, right. They talked about that yesterday. "I'm not going," she announced.

"Okay. Why not?" The happy look in his eyes dimmed.

"If Megan's going, I'm staying. I don't want to be the third wheel between you two." The thought of Megan ruined her day. She turned around sullenly, walked back into her room leaving the door open and climbed into bed aga

is wheel. Somehow the bad guy spotted him and freaked out. Despite being high in the air, he opened the door and tried to run.

The guy was a felon. Wesley had spent months tracking him down. He wouldn't let him run away. So he climbed onto the spinning Ferris wheel without a second thought.

The crowd saw this, and began squealing in terror. The staff stopped the Ferris wheel, and Wesley started chasing the bad guy, leaping from bar to bar, 30 stories up.

The guy would turn around to kick Wesley from time to time. There was one time, the soldier dodged to his right and almost fell off the wheel.

Luckily, he grabbed the wheel in time and climbed back up.

Half an hour later, Wesley and his coworkers caught the guy on the wheel. And he earned a merit citation and a medal thanks to this.

Wesley's account was brief. His tone was calm. But Blair was thrilled. She knew how dangerous it had been for him.

She wouldn't have been able to move a finger being that high up, not to mention climbing and giving chase.

"So was that the only time you've been there?" she asked casually.


"Was the other time for fun?" Her mind was still on the story he had just told her.

Wesley chose to tell her the truth. "I drove Megan and her classmates there once. But I didn't go in. When they got through the turnstile, I left."

"Oh. Wait, what? Megan?" She finally realized what he was saying. "Are you going to take care of her for the rest of your life?"

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