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Wesley recollected the last time when Blair had gotten drunk. She had been so stubborn that he had to do everything she said. He had even slept in her bed as she had requested.

When it was past 10 in the night, Wesley thought it was pretty late, so he declared that the dinner was over.

He escorted Blair as they walked towards his car. The soldiers came to the parking lot with them too. "Blair and I are not a couple. Don't talk about us like that again. If she has a boyfriend one day, he might misunderstand," Wesley advised them.

Hearing Wesley deny his relationship with Blair, the young men looked at each other, quite surprised.

Making use of the opportunity, someone quietly asked, "Chief, since you and Blair are not a couple, can I chase her? She is so pretty."

Wesley rolled his eyes at him. "Only when you can do push-ups well enough."

The young soldier was frustrated by the condition kept before him. 'I'm a newbie. But I'm already able to do it correctly. I'm just not fast enough. Why is Chief so hard on me?' he grumbled to himself.

Another soldier mustered up his courage and asked, "Chief, I can do push-ups fast enough. So, can I try my luck with Blair?"

"You're too honest and docile. She will bully you," Wesley replied thoughtfully. On the outside, Blair looked tender like a lamb, while on the inside, she was lively with various mischievous ideas. That was why she topped his list of the most troublesome people.

Two down.

Talbot was pushed outside the crowd. He suddenly was face to face with Wesley. He had no choice but to ask, "Chief, I like Blair too. I'm good at martial arts, and I'm well-built. I've passed all the tests on the base. Can I?"

Wesley glanced at him. "No!"

"Why not?" Talbot asked in curiosity.

"She speaks English, German and Arabic, besides Chinese. But you don't. You two will have trouble communicating."

Talbot was left speechless. He felt Wesley was like a strict father testing and picking out a perfect son-in-law. Three down.

Lenard decided to give it a try too. He grinned proudly as he spoke. "Chief, I'm good at English. And I'm willing to learn German and Arabic. Can I give it a shot?"

"Hmm. Well, she likes drinking milk which you're allergic to. I wonder how things will work out between the two of you," Wesley observed calmly.

Lenard said nothing more after that.

Finally eve

to do it on my own. I feel that if you're with me, I might be able to do it." Blair always felt that as long as Wesley was by her side, she could do anything. All the fears and inhibitions would go away when he was with her.

'What? Aren't amusement parks like Happy Valley for children? Will I have to do these childish things with her?' he thought with a frown on his face.

Noticing his silence and frowning face, Blair reasoned out, "If you don't want to go with me, it's fine. I'm not so eager to go anyway. Do whatever you want. I'll just stay at home, sleeping in the daytime and looking for a job at night." Her voice suddenly turned low and sad.

'Here we go. Another trick of hers.' Wesley sighed. "Okay. I'll just take Megan to Happy Valley tomorrow then. Enjoy your sleep."

'Take Megan to Happy Valley?' Blair thought she heard it wrong. She looked at him in disbelief, too mad to utter a word.

Wesley, though, was stone-faced. There was no trace of sarcasm or teasing. He seemed extremely serious about his plan. Just then, they reached the parking lot.

He got out of the car once it rolled to a halt, and came to her side. As if not sensing her mood at all, he unbuckled her seat belt and was going to carry her out of the car as usual.

"No!" she rebuffed angrily. "I can jump. You don't need to be so concerned."

Wesley stared at her for a few seconds and then asked, "Did I ever say that I don't want to go with you?"

"You didn't, but you didn't say you wanted to either." Back then, she had given him a few seconds to think about it, but he didn't reply.

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