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   Chapter 620 Crystal Sugar Heart

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Night had fallen, and the town was covered in a velvety darkness. Someone knocked on the door to Blair's bedroom. She sat up immediately. "Coming!"

She opened the door to see Wesley standing there calmly. "We're eating out, right?"

"Oh, right. Give me a minute to change." It would look a bit weird to go to a restaurant in her uniform. She closed the door and entered the walk-in closet.

Wesley sat on the couch, waiting. Five minutes passed. Ten minutes. And then a quarter. Twenty minutes later, Blair finally opened the door again.

From the amount of time she took, he expected that she'd be more made-up. But she had only changed her clothes. Nothing more. He didn't understand how a simple outfit change could have taken so long.

Just then, something dawned on her. "One more minute," she said.

'I don't think she could do anything that only took a minute.' Wesley felt defeated, wondering why it was so hard to get ready.

In her bedroom, Blair found the perfume Wesley had bought her, and applied some of it to her neck and wrists.

Ten more minutes later, they finally left the apartment. This took way too long, at least as far as the soldier was concerned. Wesley only had a few outfits. The patterns of his clothes varied, but he always wore the same color.

Blair wore a long white turtle neck with a slim waistline. It set off her slender figure and fair skin.

When she walked beside Wesley, there was a distinct contrast between the colors of their skin.

A long azure coat hung from her arm. She rocked a pair of fashionable, black-laced martin boots.

They went to Shining International Plaza, which was close to the apartment.

On the way, Wesley asked Blair what she wanted to eat. She actually was in the mood for steak but figured that it might not be his cup of tea, so in the end she said, "I don't know. Anything, I guess. I'm not a picky eater."

Just like him, she wasn't particular about food either.

Wesley looked at her and asked, "Really? I know someone who doesn't eat cabbage, carrots, towel gourd, pork, or duck. I wonder who that might be?"

'Sounds familiar. Oh, right. It's me.' Blair blushed when she realized that.

his job was dangerous, but she never asked him if he was alright after work.

Now even she herself couldn't believe she was like that. How could she expect Wesley to believe that she loved him? Guilt overwhelmed her. She felt like weeping. She took a drink to try and cover her emotions.

Holding a glass of water, she stared at his phone, motionless, her mind elsewhere. Wesley noticed the change in her mood. 'Her eyes are red and glassy from tears, ' he realized.

He was curious what was going on, so he followed her gaze and looked at his phone. The screen was displaying the records of the conversations between him and Crystal Sugar Heart.

Wesley's heart tightened. He cleared his throat and said, "Blair."

She didn't respond, barely moving.

"Earth to Blair," he called again.

"Huh? Yeah, I'm here!" She came to her senses. Her heart was aching, but she tried her best not to show what she was feeling. She set the glass of water back on the table and looked at him with wide eyes.

Wesley was amused by her reaction, tilting his head to smile secretly. Then he began, pointing at his phone, "I don't know her. She was a hostage I saved in a mission."

"What?" Blair blinked. 'Is he trying to explain?'

"It's true." Without saying anything more, Wesley deleted the woman's WeChat records from his phone. Blair watched as the messages vanished before her eyes.

She was stunned. A thrilling feeling of joy flooded her heart.

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