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   Chapter 619 You Might Love It

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Wesley thought a minute and said to Blair, "I called up Carlos. He has arranged a job interview for you at the ZL Group. I think you should give it a try. ZL Group provides its employees with more benefits than the Jin Group."

Before heading towards the premises of the Jin Group to pick up Blair, he had considered finding her a new job. He wouldn't make her quit her job and stay unemployed.

'The ZL Group?' The name struck Blair. She was surprised. "Do you mean Carlos Huo's ZL Group?"

There was joy visible on her face. Wesley became hopeful and thought she would agree to go to the interview. "Yes. Carlos now works in Y City," he informed her.

Once again, Blair was moved by his gesture. She felt that he was being so good to her. It was not easy to have an opportunity to work in ZL Group. All those thoughts and opinions were contrary to the decision she made. It was totally unexpected when she announced her stand to Wesley. "Thank you for your concern, but I don't want to work in such a big company."

The signal changed and green lights were on. Wesley cast a confused glance at her and started the car.

Blair sounded apologetic as she continued, "I'm afraid my free spirit doesn't fit a big company like ZL Group. They must have tons of strict rules and regulations to be followed rigidly. I don't think I'd like to work in that kind of working atmosphere and ambience. It will be depressing for me. So, I think it will be much better if I find a job myself."

"What kind of company would you like to work in? Surely, I can help you find a good job." Wesley didn't persuade her to join ZL Group. Once she said she wasn't ready to work there, he decided to help her find another job.

"Thank you for your concern and offer. But you're always so busy. I don't want to trouble you with my problems. If I can't find a job myself, I'll ask for your help. Is that okay?" She didn't want to bother him with such a trivial matter. She knew how busy he usually was.

Wesley didn't say anything further. Blair took his silence as acquiescence.

The drive was a couple of minutes from her former workplace to the apartment complex. He silently drove the car into the underground parking lot.

As soon as he parked the car in a vacant spot, Blair got out and closed the door behind her. Wesley held the two boxes which contained her stuff and was about to step out too when she walked around the car, took the boxes from him, and said, "I can go home myself. You should get back to work."

Wesley glanced at her, got out of the car and walke

But Wesley took one stride forward, stretched out his arm and pulled her into his arms.

Leaning against his sturdy chest, with his strong arms holding her by the waist from behind, Blair flushed. "You... All right...I promise... I won't do it again."

Having taken control of Blair, Wesley turned her around. They were facing each other now. Her face was a few inches away from his. "Well, I suddenly realize that the drink tasted delicious."

"Huh?" Before she could make out what was going through his mind, he shocked her.

He slowly lowered his head. His face got closer and closer to hers until they seemed to breathe in each other's breath. Softly he sealed her slightly parted lips with his to savor the taste of the milk.

As seconds passed, their kiss turned more passionate. Wesley pressed her against the wall. Blair wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on tiptoe as she responded to his fiery passion.

Their kiss could have continued till eternity. But two minutes later, the ringtone of his mobile phone intruded their moments of passion, inappropriately.

Forced to stop, he lifted his lips from her swollen lips. But his grip on her waist tightened. Gasping, Blair was short of breath.

Wesley let her go gently. After glancing at the caller ID for a moment, he steadied himself in a second and took the call. His voice deep and magnetic as ever.

Seeing it as an opportunity, Blair ran into her room.

She sat on the corner of the bed and fell into a reverie.

The various thoughts lurking on her mind stirred up a storm of emotions in her. One moment she was smiling and the next she was sad. After a while, she was bored and decided to have some fun on her phone.

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