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   Chapter 618 I'll Take Responsibility

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Although Percy was extremely deferential, Wesley's sullen face didn't change. He cast an icy glance at the senior executives and said coldly, "We're leaving. Blair is going with us. Rest assured, you'll be held accountable for what you put her through."

Of course he referred to what Filberta had done to Blair. Filberta knew quite well what she did, and her heart raced wildly in her chest.

Percy's face changed dramatically. He had heard of Wesley before—Wesley himself was a man of influence in the military circles, and his family was very powerful in A Country. Carlos ran Y City with an iron fist, and Wesley wasn't shy about who his best friend was. Percy was pretty well scared of Wesley. "It's all my fault, Mr. Li. I promise you that I'll look into it personally."

No one in the Jin Group had thought that Blair had ties like that. She kept such a low profile all the time, kept her head down, and didn't rock the boat.

"It's too late for that!" Wesley grabbed Blair's hand and declared, "Blair's my friend, and I don't allow anyone to mess with her. Give her everything owed her, including bonuses. Now!"

'My friend...' Blair looked at Wesley with adoring eyes. She was really touched by his words. Although he just said that she was his friend instead of his girlfriend, she believed that it was just a matter of time before he called her "Hon." She had to believe that.

Filberta just stood there, frozen, mouth open. The woman thought that all Blair was good at was seducing men. She had to admit that Blair worked very hard, but this didn't make her likeable.

She flashed back to a time when Blair wore a certain dress—a limited edition from Tiffany and Co. Very high-priced, and Percy refused to buy it for her. Filberta was so jealous back then that she mocked Blair, spreading rumors that she was wearing a copycat brand, a knockoff version of the original. More cheaply made, and overall cheaper. A woman like Blair couldn't afford something so expensive. Now she knew she was wrong. Blair had Wesley behind her, and by extension Carlos. Blair could probably easily afford anything she wanted to wear.

Percy mopped sweat from his forehead and looked at Blair with a hopeful expression. "Blair, if you want to quit, we can be quite generous. Stock options, medical insuran

bot immediately stood up straight.

Wesley cast a sidelong glance at him and demanded, "Back to base! Now! And report to me when you get there. If you take longer than 20 minutes..." He didn't have to say anything more.

"Yes, Chief!"

Though Talbot was totally confused, he left without further ado.

Blair was also confused. Wesley had just showed up, handed in her resignation, forced the Jin Group to give her money to her, and taken her away. Unreal!

When they got into the car, Blair asked Wesley, who was driving, "So, Joslyn told you everything?"

"Of course." Wesley wasn't lying.

Blair rubbed her temples and said, "Actually I already wrote a letter of resignation. You didn't need to do this." She was very grateful to him, and meanwhile felt a little embarrassed.

Wesley cast a casual glance at her through the rear-view mirror. "You saying I should mind my own business?"

'What? I didn't say that.' "Of course not. I'm very grateful to you. But won't you get in trouble?" Blair asked honestly.

"No one will do that."

"Do what?"

"No one will say I abused my power," he said firmly.

Blair was speechless again.

They rode in silence for a while. Then the car stopped at a red light. "Don't worry about work. I'll take responsibility," Wesley said.

Blair sighed inwardly. 'He can be responsible for my safety. He can be responsible for my work. But he can't be responsible for my happiness.'

She shook her head. "No, thanks. I can handle it myself. I've gotten you in enough trouble."

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