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   Chapter 617 Blair Quit

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7112

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Joslyn giggled when Blair mentioned the milk thing. She replied, "Tell Wesley that. It's not my problem. It's his now."

Promptly, Blair sent a "wow" emoji, mouth shaped like an "O."

After the morning meeting, Filberta told Blair her bonus would be canceled because she didn't include the title of the program her group was going to perform at the company's annual gala.

Blair was so irritated.

She sent a WeChat message to Joslyn complaining, "Ugh! What a bitch! What did I do in the past life that was bad enough to be stuck with her? I quit! They won't have to worry about me after the Lunar New Year, cuz I won't be there."

Joslyn's message came soon. "Calm down, girl. Take a few deep breaths. She wins if you quit. Remember the movie we saw a while ago—'You're Next?' What would Erin do?"

After some deliberation, Blair had a sadistic smile on her face. She wrote, "She'd kill everyone and let God sort them out."

It was Joslyn's turn to send a "wow" emoji.

Blair added, "I want to be strong like Erin. But I don't want to cause trouble for my uncle and aunt. So I have to just keep hanging on. Erin is the female lead, and I'm not. If I were, I would ring Wesley right now and have him slap Percy around. Then Percy would take it out on Filberta." She had stars in her eyes at that point.

"And?" Joslyn replied.

"And then he'd exile the bitch to some godforsaken land and never let her come back! She pisses me off so much! Why is she targeting me? She even asked me to do a stripper dance at the annual gala! She's so disgusting!" Blair was unable to hold back her anger and continued complaining.

But there was no reply. Blair waited for what seemed like forever. 'Maybe she's busy. I guess I should start my letter of resignation, ' she thought.

Her friend was busy. Joslyn was scrolling through Blair's text messages and taking screenshots. As Blair's friend, she decided to do something for her.

Joslyn sent the screenshots to Wesley and wrote, "Colonel Li, ever since Blair started at the Jin Group, she was assigned a supervisor who makes her life hell. That supervisor is the CEO's

have a problem, ask Percy Jin to call me. I'm Wesley Li, and I'll be waiting for him."

'So that's Wesley Li! The crime-buster!' The workers were all shocked.

Filberta's smile froze on her face. 'How does a man like him know Blair?' she thought. "Mr. Li, I'm afraid that's against the rules. We need to do this through proper channels. First, the resignation process takes a month, so she can train her replacement..."

Fury lived in Wesley's eyes. He tried to suppress his anger and said in a firm voice, "The execs withhold bonuses and make their employees do things outside their job descriptions. Now you're talking about rules? Looks to me like the Jin Group only cares about rules when the higher-ups benefit."

Filberta was so embarrassed the rest of her face now matched the red of her lipstick. But then, panic took over, and she went sheet white. This looked bad, and the fallout could be unimaginable. She stared at Wesley's rank insignia, and didn't say another word.

The office was once again deathly silent. Before long, a group of execs came over quickly, led by Percy.

Percy flashed a broad smile when he saw Wesley. "Mr. Li, sirs, I'm really sorry for getting here so late. I'm Percy Jin, the CEO of Jin Group. Is there a problem?"

When the employees saw that the CEO, the vice president and the general manager were all here, they realized that Wesley was not the guy to mess with.

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