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   Chapter 616 He's So Considerate

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8385

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Blair yawned for one whole minute and was about to get out of bed and check on the man inside the bathroom when Wesley walked out himself with a blue plastic basin in his hands, his face deadpan. It looked so comical she wanted to laugh. He walked past her bed with his eyes looking straight in front of him like a car's headlights. He reached the balcony and hung her bra and panties on the rope.

After that, he walked back to his own bathroom and took a shower. This woman was proving to be quite a lot of work for him. He waited until the washing machine had finished working. Then he hung the remaining clothes as well on the balcony and then returned to Blair's bedroom.

She lay prone on the bed, bored out of her wits. At the sight of Wesley, her eyes lit up and she threw back the blanket. "Time to sleep. Come on!"

Wesley frowned and turned around like a scared cat. Before long, he came back with a blanket of his own in his arms. He first tucked her in tight and then covered himself with his own blanket.

Finally ready to sleep, he switched off the lights and the room plunged into darkness.

'Yes!' she exclaimed inwardly and flashed a quiet smile.

Now was the time! Though she was physically exhausted, she just couldn't fall asleep. Maybe it was because Wesley was sleeping right next to her. In fact, this was the first time that Blair had ever been sleeping in the same bed as a man. And she was totally smitten by her current bed-mate.

She moved closer to him, and put her arm on his belly, trying to inch herself as close as possible.

Wesley didn't move.

After a while, she pressed her head against his shoulder and placed her leg on his. 'This should work!' she thought.

He didn't respond, nor did he speak. It looked like he was asleep.

'So he's asleep. Ha-ha! Still a great chance for me!' Blair took his arm and put it beneath her neck so that it looked like he was holding her in a hug. She adjusted her position until she felt comfortable, and then held his waist tightly. This made her feel safe, and she dozed off pretty soon.

Little did she know that Wesley wasn't asleep at all. Drops of sweat had begun to form on his forehead the moment she had put her arm around him. He was trying to suppress his desires. Her fragrance was continuously reaching his nose, and he unconsciously swallowed. Her body was so soft and his penis was equally hard. What to do?

Wesley was beyond doubt an excellent soldier with superb fighting skills, endurance, and self

partment. He decided to do it when he was free.

He got out of his car when he arrived at the army base. Staring at the trunk, he decided not to let anyone else drive this car today.

After the morning exercise, Talbot came up to him since he needed to use his car to go to the urban district. Wesley grabbed his car keys and was about to toss them to him. But then he remembered the milk boxes. "Find another car!" he ordered shortly.

Talbot was puzzled. But he didn't ask why. He nodded and left to find another car.

When he finally managed to get the car keys for some other vehicle, he went to the parking lot and decided to check on Wesley's car first to see if there was something wrong.

His eyes widened in disbelief when he saw what the reason behind the whole shenanigan was! There were so many boxes of milk inside the car trunk.

'Why did he buy so many boxes of milk? For some kid?'

Talbot thought for a long while, but had no clue why his chief wanted so much milk. He didn't dare ask Wesley about it, though. With a shrug, he walked towards the car he was going to drive and left the army base.

In the evening, when Blair came back home after work, she saw numerous boxes of milk sitting in the living room.

That was when she remembered what had happened after she had gotten drunk and Wesley had come to pick her up.

She had pestered him for milk for so long that he had bought ten boxes for her. She rubbed her temples and thought, 'Really? Ten boxes? How long will it take for me to finish them?

God! I should give up this bad habit.' She sent a message to Joslyn saying, "If I get drunk and ask for milk again, just beat me!"

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