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   Chapter 614 Would I Lie To You

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"Why should I wait? I want it now!" Blair complained, pouting her lips.

"Calm down. I'm finding a place to go," Wesley answered, searching for a store.

"Liar! You just don't want to buy me what I want!" she spat. 'Store? We're still on the road!' she thought angrily.

"Help me out, then. You see someplace, you tell me!" He was driving in the inside lane, so he had to change lanes to get closer to a store and find a place to park, all of which required some time.

Blair was too drunk to be reasonable. 'He's going to drag his feet on this one, so maybe I'll forget the idea. Well, it won't work, mister!

Joslyn did that more than a few times. Wesley's doing it too! What a jerk!'

"Boo...hoo..." Blair sniffed and then burst into tears.

Wesley cast an anxious glance at her and asked worriedly, "Hey! What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

"You are such a jerk. I just want some Wahaha and you won't buy it for me. You probably think I'm annoying, huh? Fine! I won't bug you anymore. Stop the car and let me out!"

Wesley wasn't even sure what she was ranting about. Why was she so angry? He was just trying to find a convenience store! 'Yes, she's annoying, ' he thought. 'But I never said that to her!'

He stopped at a red light and took a quick glance at the light. About 30 seconds to go. He turned to look at her and said seriously, "I didn't say that I wouldn't buy it. But I can't conjure it out of thin air. We need a store."

With red eyes, Blair pointed to the outside of the window and spat, "You're lying! I saw a couple of them already. See! Another store there!" There was indeed a convenience store not far away.

Wesley saw it too. "But I can't just pull over. I need to find a parking space first. I'll stop the car and buy it if I can find one, okay?"

However, his words didn't help. Blair began to sob again. "I always knew you didn't like me. Seriously? It's just some Wahaha. Fine. I'll go find a boyfriend and he'll buy me whatever I want. I'll never bug you again."

Wesley rubbed his aching temples and sighed helplessly. "I'll buy ten bottles, okay?"

Blair nodded with

beat. He didn't want to forcefully pull her hands away for fear of hurting her. "This won't look good. People will talk."

"Let them!" They were already living under the same roof. It didn't matter what they did—people would think they had an affair.

Left with no choice, Wesley had to agree with her. "All right. Just get some rest. I'll go to the parking lot and grab your drinks."

"No! You'll just leave!" she protested.

"I won't," he promised.

"No! I don't believe you. Get the drinks tomorrow."

Wesley was on the brink of a meltdown. "Okay, okay. You need a bath. I'll fill the tub for you," he whispered as their foreheads touched.

Blair didn't let him go. "No way!"

Wesley rubbed her hair and said softly, "Would I lie to you?"

"All right." Blair finally let go of him and watched as he went to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom

While drawing water into the bathtub, Wesley rubbed his face with profound resignation. 'Women! They're a lot of trouble! Dealing with her is just a pain! I should be working right now instead of drawing water for her bath.

Wesley, what is wrong with you? She didn't call you to pick her up, but you did anyway. You'll have to sleep with her later. Oh God!' Wesley sighed the umpteenth time.

He carried Blair into the bathroom, and after confirming that she could bathe on her own, he left. He went to his own bathroom to take a quick shower.

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