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   Chapter 613 I Want To Drink Wahaha

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When she heard what Hartwell said, Blair was stunned. 'What does he mean?' She turned to look at Joslyn, but her friend just shook her head and looked back with innocent eyes. "I didn't tell him," Joslyn said with a shrug.

"Stop it! Whose car are you riding in?" Hartwell repeated his question. He knew Blair was playing dumb.

"I want to come with you," Blair said in a low voice.

Hartwell took a deep breath and fought off the impulse to roll his eyes. "You asked Wesley to pick you up. Why ride with me? Just take his car."

Wesley was confused. 'Blair didn't call me to pick her up! Sounds like she didn't call Hartwell either. And he's only here to pick Joslyn up.'

Blair nodded her head obediently. She was so tired her eyes kept closing involuntarily. She was micro-napping and wanted nothing more than a bed. "Fine, I'll go with him. Have a safe drive." She grabbed her purse and got to her feet.

A moment later, she regretted it. Her head spun, and she was so drunk she couldn't feel her legs. She staggered and fell forward.

Luckily, Wesley was quick. He pulled her into his arms, preventing her from falling to the floor.

Blair held onto Wesley's arms and tried to get her footing. After all, Hartwell was still here. But her efforts were for naught. She was like a fawn, trying to stand for the first time. Her legs were shaky, and couldn't hold her.

Wesley had no choice but to scoop her up in his arms. He nodded at Hartwell and said, "Don't worry. I'll get her home safe."

Hartwell hesitated. It was not that he didn't believe him, but Wesley was a man, and Blair was drunk. People get stupid when they're drunk. Hartwell suggested, "How about you drive Blair to my place?"

Joslyn tugged at Hartwell's sleeve. "What does Blair think?"

Blair struggled to open her eyes. "Muh-my place," she slurred. She was so tired and drunk she could barely manage speech.

Hartwell still wanted to say something, but Joslyn nudged him. They could stay there all night arguing, or just let them go.

Although the other guys in the room didn't want to let Joslyn and Blair leave, they didn't speak up. Hartwell and Wesley were pretty domineering, and it was not the time to get in between them when they were buttin

ed in, straining against the limits of the seat belt. "Wesley..." she murmured in an alluring voice.

He trembled and almost lost control of the car.


"Wesley," she called out again.

"What?" He was growing rather bored with this. He needed to get her home.

"I want to sleep with you tonight."

"Hmm? Oh my!" The car almost hit the curb, and Wesley was fast enough to pull it back. The tires protested his quick action with a squeal.

Blair closed her eyes and rested her head on his legs. "Wesley."

"Hmm?" This was getting dangerous.

"How did you know that I was at the club?" she asked.

After a pause, he answered honestly, "You posted on WeChat."

"Why pick me up? I'm not your girlfriend." She breathed in his unique scent floating in the air as she spoke.

Wesley adjusted his position. "I was afraid you'd need a ride."

'So Hartwell didn't ask him.' Thinking of this, Blair was elated.

"Wesley, you have feelings for Megan?" she asked.

"No," he answered without hesitation. She curled her lips and smiled sweetly without him seeing.


He answered her every question patiently until she suddenly said, "Can we stop and get some Wahaha?"

"What?" Wesley didn't get her point.

"I just want Wahaha!" Blair yelled as she sat upright and looked at him. Fire was in her eyes.

Wesley looked out the window and saw some grocery stores as he passed. But there was no place to park, so he kept driving. "Okay. Hold on," he said.

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