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   Chapter 612 Why Are You Here

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Blair gestured with her hands as she spoke. "No, you are wrong. I don't think Wesley has feelings for me. He takes care of me for my uncle's sake. I often see that he's been fooling around with Megan." She took a pause and asked, "Hey Joslyn, do all men like fooling around with more than one woman?"

"Maybe! Men are unpredictable, dear. You are such a beauty, Bless. Men like beauties. Megan is not as pretty as you. But she knows how to pretend to be weak and helpless in front of Wesley. Men are unable to resist these types of girls. Hey, I have a great idea. Why don't you learn a few tactics from her and show Wesley your weakness and feminine side?" Joslyn suggested naughtily. Ever since Wesley had turned down Blair's proposal, she had acted as if she wasn't interested in anyone or anything.

But whenever they talked about Wesley, she would feel a strange mix of emotions. She would feel angry, happy and sad, all at the same time.

Joslyn strongly believed that Blair should adopt some tactics when it came to dealing with Wesley. She needed to learn to discover ways to attract him by her beauty and tantrums.

"Show my weakness and femininity?" Blair propped herself up on one elbow and drank another glass of beer as she continued, "I wanted to, but he is such a blockhead when it comes to matters of love. He is always so slow in getting my point. Sometimes, I felt so mad at him that I wanted to beat him blue and black." She gave Joslyn a bitter smile.

"Why don't you try to seduce him? It could help you know if he's really not into you!" Joslyn was totally drunk and made a bold suggestion under the influence of the huge amounts of alcohol that she had consumed.

Blair rolled her eyes. "I did that too! But it didn't work. Last time, when Wesley, his mom and I went shopping together, he bought me a shade of lipstick and a bottle of perfume. For a moment, I thought he had feelings for me. I was so happy and desperate for him that I was ready to get laid. I strongly feel that an upright and honest man like him will not abandon a woman with whom he has slept, right? But before we got intimate together, we had a fight again. Well, it was not really a fight, but we disagreed and argued. At that time, I thought he didn't like me, and recalled Megan's words. That girl very openly told me that he had a thing for her."

Joslyn looked at her with a perplexed expression. She embraced her warmly, and her heart ached for her best friend. "I really feel bad for you. Why can't you just get over Wesley and move on? When you went to England and got engaged to Miller, I thought it was all over between you and Wesley. I didn't

singing. She took a few moments to realize how the room had suddenly gone silent.

"Hartwell and Wesley!"

Blair still didn't get Joslyn's point. She shook her head and murmured, "Who knows? Maybe for work. Wait! Wesley? Joslyn, am I seeing things? I can see Wesley here."

Joslyn rubbed her eyes. "I see him too. That means we are not see things. They are really here!"

Her eyes were fixed as she saw Hartwell greeting the other guys along the way. The two men who had gotten into the room a few moments ago were now walking towards her and Blair.

Wesley nodded at Joslyn gesturing to say "Hi," and then stared at Blair, saying nothing. The two just looked at each other. Their gazes were so strongly engrossed in each other as if the others around didn't exist at all.

Although Hartwell wasn't happy that Wesley and Blair met behind his back, he still asked her, "So Blair, whose car are you riding in?"

Blair sat up and blinked her innocent eyes, her head in a mess. "Hartwell, Colonel Li, what a coincidence!"

"It's not a coincidence! I'm here to pick you up," Wesley said with a serious expression on his firmly set face. He was always so straightforward. There was not a moment when his expression would show his feelings.

Blair, Joslyn and Hartwell almost burst out laughing. 'Is he always so serious? Even before his family?' they wondered.

Blair tried her best to hold back her laughter. She didn't want Hartwell to misunderstand her relationship with Wesley, so she said in a flat tone, "Thanks for your kindness, Colonel Li. I think I'll go with Hartwell."

Hartwell, however, felt something wasn't right. He laid her lies bare for all to see. "Enough, Blair! Do you think I'm an idiot? Do you think you can fool me?" he snapped.

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