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   Chapter 608 Please Be Safe

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Blair followed Wesley's gaze. She saw that a crowd had gathered around an apartment building. They were all looking up at something.

Before she could figure out what happened, Wesley suddenly sped up, heading straight into the parking lot in front, and yanked the wheel to get the car to stop faster.

He was there in no time flat.

"Wait for me!" he told Blair. With that, he unfastened his seatbelt, opened the car door and sprang out in one swift move.

Before she knew it, he had left the car and disappeared into the crowd.

Once she unbuckled, she was able to get to a better vantage point. Watching from the car window, Blair realized that it must be something urgent.

Instantly, she opened the door and jumped out of the car as well. But... "Ouch!" She almost sprained her ankle. His car was really high off the ground. She paused a moment to make sure she was okay. It dawned on her this was the first time she had gotten out of Wesley's car without his help.

But she didn't have the time to care about that. She slammed the door behind her and rushed towards the crowd.

People there were talking about what was going on, and that was when she finally knew. She raised her head to look at what was causing all the fuss. In the dim lights, she saw a little kid sitting on the balcony of the thirteenth floor, crying. The neighbors said it was a two-year-old boy.

The neighbors had knocked on the boy's apartment door for several minutes, but no one answered. They guessed that the kid was home alone. The boy walked to the balcony to look for his parents and then climbed onto the windowsill. It was dangerous since the balcony had no bars, nothing to stop him from falling. The kid could fall at any moment.

Someone had already called the police, but they hadn't arrived yet. Blair looked around, scanning for Wesley, and saw him rush inside the building.

Blair wanted to follow, but the crowd was thick, and they weren't interested in letting anyone through. After all, everyone had a hard-won vantage point, so naturally they weren't going to let anyone else take it. Not that she would stay there...but they didn't know that.

She knew Wesley was hard at work saving people again.

She decided to wait for him in the crowd. He needed to concentrate or someone would die.

Before long, Blair saw a figure appear on the balcony of the fourteenth floor, right over the boy. Her heart leapt to her throat. The crowd erupted in cheers when they saw a man in a military uniform jump onto the windowsill above the boy.

It was evening, and the fact that no lights came from the windows on either side of the boy made it worse. Apparently no one lived there. The onl

mfortable in all sorts of harsh environments.

They got in the car. Blair asked tenderly, "That was pretty intense. Were you scared?" If she were to hang off such a tall building, she couldn't even bear to open her eyes. That was just one difference between her and him.

Wesley said casually, "It was only the thirteenth floor. I once climbed sixty-three stories."

Blair was utterly shocked. 'Sixty-three?!' She could hardly believe her ears.

He added, "If he hadn't gotten overexcited, I would have been able to save him more easily. But the boy was careless." Before he left, he saw the boy's mother rush back home. He found out that mom snuck out to play mahjong while the boy was asleep. She was so engrossed in the games that she forgot about the time. A small mistake can lead to disaster. The mother learned a good lesson today.

Blair felt her heart still pounding. "Is this what you usually do?"

"No. It's not what we do. In fact, it's not even our duty. We're supposed to leave this to emergency teams." He just happened to come across this. He knew very well the boy would be in more danger if they just waited for the rescue team to come. His sense of responsibility drove him to take action at once.

Blair sighed inwardly. She knew his job as a soldier was much more dangerous than this.

She felt sorry for fighting with him earlier that night.

After they returned to the apartment, Wesley sat down and started texting someone. "Take your clothes off," Blair requested.

He raised his head to look at her, confused. "Why?"

She grabbed the coat from his hand and said naturally, "They're dirty. I'll throw a load in the wash."

"No, thanks. I'll take care of my laundry myself." He turned down her offer, not wanting to bother her with such minor details.

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