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   Chapter 607 We Aren't Suitable

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As Megan walked away, so did Blair's mind. It began to roam about far and wide and then she could hardly focus on the posts she was browsing on Weibo.

'So Wesley really loves Megan...I should have known!' She didn't know why, but the thought pained her heart, even though she had her suspicions a while back.

On boarding the plane, Blair had bumped into Megan once again when she was walking towards the economy class, located in the back of the plane. Megan was adjusting herself in the first-class cabin. She was surprised to see Blair and asked with a smile, "Blair, are you in first class too? What a coincidence, huh? Uncle Wesley booked a first-class ticket for me too. Are we sitting together?"

Wesley had booked a first-class ticket for Blair when she had first flown to England to begin her studies there. Now she realized it wasn't any special treatment he had given her. He had done the same for Megan. Blair remembered forcing a polite smile and pointing to the crowded economy class, most of the passengers over where, were still unsettled. "No, my seat is in economy. Goodbye, Miss Lan," she said honestly.

During the entire flight, Blair's mind had remained preoccupied with the words that Megan had uttered. 'Wesley said no to my proposal without hesitation because he loves Megan, ' she finally realized.

So he wasn't a good man. If he had Megan in his heart and loved her truly, why had he so actively kissed her?

On coming to know about this side of him, Blair had decided that she would forget Wesley and fall out of love with him.

However, things had taken an unexpected turn. Later on in the South Mountain, she was trapped by the flash floods. When she was facing death, the only name that had popped up in her head was Wesley. In her desperation and potentially, her last moments, she couldn't control herself and had sent him a message, which she had thought would be her last words in the world.

But beyond her expectations, there had been a miracle. He had come to save her life, like a hero falling from the skies. He had brought life back to her, and her love for him was rekindled, crazier than ever.

After that day, their paths had crossed a few more times. And finally, they had even moved into the same apartment. There had been times when Blair had pondered over Megan's words at the airport. She had a feeling that Megan was just trying to drive a wedge between Wesley and her, forcing them to misunderstand each other and draw apart. She had even boldly guessed that maybe Wesley had feelings for herself.

Coming back from the retrospect, Blair smiled bitterly. Such kind of ups and downs and twists and turns in her love life had made her suffer. When she finally calmed down, she looked at Wesley and told him, "Wesley, it took me all this time, but now I know that we're not suitable—" She paused. To make it sound a bit ambiguous, she added, "—for living under the same roof."

t he had told her many times he was born to serve the country and its people.

However, when she was saying the second sentence, she felt sad for her own self. He had saved her life twice—her parents' incident and the flash floods. It looked like she was just one of the many people he had saved. And they both knew it: he would spare no efforts to save anyone regardless of who it was.

It made no difference to him whether the person in danger was Blair or a complete stranger. It was his duty to dive into death headlong and protect others. This realization upset her very much.

"You're right," he answered. That was the worst part. He didn't try to deny her claim.

At that moment, Blair's heart broke.

After a moment of silence, Blair took a deep breath. She wanted to clarify things. She asked him in a calm voice, "Colonel Li, can you tell me what exactly our relationship is now?"

She was thinking, 'We're not neighbors, we're not friends, and we're not lovers. Then what are we to each other?'

Wesley was concentrating on driving the car and didn't answer; she didn't press him. After a while, he finally seemed to come to a decision and told her, "Good friends."

'Good friends? Screw you! What kind of good friends will kiss each other so passionately? Pressing me up against a car!'

Blair was nearly angered to death by this idiot and his idiotic response.

Oblivious to their problems, the car sped smoothly along the city road. Blair closed her eyes and leaned back against the seat. She decided against speaking to him before they arrived at the apartment. The longer they were on the road, the slower would be his responses because his mind would be on the car.

She soon felt the car slow down. She opened her eyes to look at the road and there weren't any traffic lights in front of them.

She tilted her head to look at Wesley. The man kept throwing glances at the front right while maneuvering the car carefully.

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