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   Chapter 604 The Barbeque

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As they stood outside, several stark black and shining Bentleys slowly came to a halt in front of the office building. Percy walked up to greet the guests and Blair followed him closely. She had to be ready for her job.

The chauffeurs opened the doors and some blond-haired men clad in drab business suits got out of the cars. Blair recognized a couple of faces, and she was agape in astonishment. One of those men, a young one, considering the age of everyone else, was smiling at her. He was her friend, Orion. They had met in England. The older man in the lead among the guests was his father, who was a business tycoon. Though they had been out of touch, it was still a pleasant surprise seeing a familiar face.

Blair waved secretly at Orion.

What a coincidence!

Since she had to stay close to Percy to interpret for him, she barely had a chance to catch up with Orion. Orion understood.

Percy showed the guests around the office, and then they proceeded towards the conference room. Before the meeting started, there was a short break for everyone to settle down. Blair and Orion talked in a quiet place. "Hey... Orion, are you working with your father in business now?" she asked.

"Yes. My father is getting on in years. He doesn't look it, but he is not in too good a shape this year. As his only son, I think it is my duty to continue his business. To be frank, though, I don't want to become a businessman."

Blair smiled. "I understand. It's a pity that you can't surf as much as before. I know how much you love it. But hey, you can still do it in your spare time." Orion was a surfing fiend. When they had been in England, he had spent almost all of his free time at the beach.

"That's all I can hope to do, huh?" he shrugged helplessly. "What about you? How are things at work? It looks like we're going to see each other more often in the future."

"Yeah, you guys are stuck with me!" She smiled, "I'm doing fine, thanks. I'm head of the interpreters now, and well-paid. I like my job."

"That's good to hear. Hey, the meeting is about to commence. Let's go inside. By the way, I'm staying in Y City for some time. I'm thinking of buying you dinner after work."

Blair patted him on the shoulder with a smile. "This is my hometown. Of course it should be me treating you to a dinner. But to be honest, the cooperation between our two companies has just started. I think we'll both be very busy in the next few days. Keep in touch?"


They walked into the meeting room together, followed by Filberta and another female employee. Seeing them together, Filberta sneered. 'The guests have just arrived, and there she is

had bought her everything.

Blair drew a tissue and wiped her eyes. Then she started to eat, and the very first bite she took made her certain that it was the best barbeque she had ever had.

There was too much for one person, though. When she was done eating, she was so full that she felt like her stomach was about to burst. And yet, there were still some leftovers, enough to easily fill the stomach of a grown man! "This was too much. I couldn't eat it all," she messaged Wesley.

She wasn't expecting a reply. But he did respond. "Get some rest. I'll finish what's left when I get home later."

'Get home? He is coming home tonight?'

Blair stood up from the sofa. She tidied the living room and got dressed before sitting back on the couch to wait for him. She wanted to be up and about when he came back.

However, before she saw Wesley, she fell asleep.

When the man got home, it was already about half past three in the morning and when he turned on the lights, he saw Blair lying on the couch, deep asleep and undisturbed by the sudden glare.

He dimmed the lights and walked over to her. "Blair," he called softly.

But she didn't respond.

He also noticed that there was only a soft blanket covering her. Wesley took off his uniform and cap and hung them on the clothes stand. Then, he scooped her up lightly in his arms, taking care not to wake her up and carried her towards her bedroom.

The familiar softness and fragrance from her body turned him on. His breathing became heavy.

Muddleheaded, Blair felt like she was moving in her sleep. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, she twisted and turned restlessly. Wesley held his breath, not to disturb her as he looked at her.

Luckily, once she became comfortable, she was quiet again.

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