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   Chapter 599 Come To Blair’s Rescue

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"Friends? Are you kidding me? Hell no! I don't want to be friends with you. The only thing is, my mom likes you, so I will get back together with you no matter what."

Blair didn't know how to respond to this. Her head had spun for a moment after hearing this remark.

Miller had just said almost the same thing to her that Wesley had once said. "My mom likes you, which is why I'm nice to you." "My mom likes you, so I have to be with you."

Though sad in a way, this remark was also highly infuriating. Blair blurted out angrily, "So you want us to get back together just because your mom likes me. What the hell! Should I marry your mom then? She likes me so much, na?"

"Why are you yelling at me? Of course I want you to marry me, and not my mom!" As far as Miller could recall, Blair had always been a calm and sweet person. In fact, she looked even more composed than him when faced with a problem. During the time they had been a couple, he had never seen her cross swords with anyone.

But now, seeing just how mad Blair was, Miller was seized by numerous complex emotions. But to save his face, he chose to put on the mask of a tough guy. Not that it was doing him any good.

Blair had had enough now. She ignored him, turned around, and began to walk towards the bus stop.

But Miller picked up his pace and gripped her arm once again, refusing to let her go. "Blair, if you don't want to start over with me, fine. But please come inside and finish the meal with my mom. Then we will go our own ways," he pleaded.

Actually, that had been Blair's plan all along, but Gertrude's remarks had infuriated her. Now she wasn't in the mood to do that. "I have another appointment. Maybe next time," she replied, trying to release her arm from his grip.

Sensing her reluctance, he insisted, dragging her a bit closer, "Blair, please. Don't let my mom down."

Blair felt that she was about to flare up. God knew what would happen if she lost control on the road.

Just then, a couple of cars pulled over near them with their blinkers flashing. They had just passed by the building, and when the people in the cars had seen Miller badgering Blair, they had turned the cars around and driven back.

The two vehicles were eye-catching and very high. One glance, and Blair already knew who had come.

It had been half a month since she had last seen Wesley. But being forced to dinner by a man was not how she had expected to meet the guy again.

Wesley stepped out of the car with a furious stride and almost rushed over to Blair and Miller. Talbot and his co-workers got out too.

The sight of Miller holding Blair's arm made Wesley seethe. He could see that the woman didn't like it. "Let her go!" he d

afraid to express his feelings. He was just afraid that he couldn't promise her the forever she deserved. He was also afraid that if they were together, she would live in fear every day, worrying about him. He believed that if a man really cared about a woman, he would do everything to make her happy and never let her live a life in the shadow of doubt and fear.

And a good life wasn't something that he could give her right now.

Inside Wesley's car, Blair was sitting quietly in her seat, reflecting on what had happened a few moments ago. She wondered whether she would have agreed to take Miller back if she weren't living with Wesley.

After thinking about it for a while, she got the answer—no. There was no way she could do that.

Not that she was unforgiving; she could forgive all of his mistakes, but not cheating. She wanted a faithful husband. And even if she chose to forgive Miller and take him back, she would never forget his betrayal. It would always remain an ugly scar in their marriage and would only lead to further tensions.

"I have to take care of a few things tonight. I'll drop you off and leave. You will have to fix yourself something to eat later," Wesley told her, breaking the silence of the car.

Blair broke out of her reverie and nodded. "Okay. No problem."

"If something like that happens again, just give me a call. I am going to be there." He would drop everything and rush to her rescue as soon as he got her call.

"I know. Thanks." She smiled.

"You know what? I'll give you several guys' numbers. If you can't reach me, call them. Any of them will help you out." Wesley started to recite the numbers from his memory.

Blair quickly typed them and saved the numbers on her phone along with the names of their respective owners: Damon, Curtis, and Carlos.

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