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   Chapter 598 There's No Way

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"Blair, I didn't know that you and Miller had broken up until recently," Gertrude continued. At this point, she sighed and glared at her son who was looking out the window. "Miller told me what happened. He was wrong, but you were too. You'd been engaged for two years, but you wouldn't sleep with him. Why do you think he cheated?"

Blair took a sip of water and said nothing.

Gertrude went on, "I heard that you were sweet on a soldier, but he didn't like you back; and that you got with Miller to make that guy jealous. That was also wrong. Now Miller has admitted his mistake. You can too. Give him a second chance, get married, and be happy. How about that?"

Her words made Blair feel sad. It was like the whole world knew Wesley didn't like her.

Gertrude secretly tugged at Miller's sleeve. Miller turned to look at Blair. "I'm sorry, Blair. I hurt you, and I regret it. Can we get back together? Can you take me back?" he said.

Miller would do anything his mom told him to. Blair knew that. His mom probably arranged the meeting, and ordered him to apologize.

Blair pursed her lips and said, "You're both right. I liked someone before I got engaged to Miller, and I got engaged to get back at him. But did Miller tell you I decided to forget that guy and spend the rest of my life with my husband-to-be?"

Hearing this, Gertrude glared at Miller. The son turned his head to look out the window again sheepishly.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he made it all Blair's fault when he had told his mom why he and Blair broke up.

"You know that I went to England after I got engaged to Miller. I never saw the soldier afterwards. I was out of the country and he couldn't see me unless he was deployed over there. I never called him, not even once," Blair said.

She did see Wesley during the Spring Festival, but that was an accident. She didn'

e to him.

Blair sneered when she heard his words, "So what about when you slept with your boss? Did you think of your mom?"

Miller's lips hung apart, but he couldn't find anything to say. After a while, he changed the subject. "Why did you come home early that day?" Blair was a newbie employee. She needed to make a good impression on her boss and colleagues. She wouldn't ask for leave or be absent from work unless she had to. He couldn't figure out why she had come home so early that day.

Hearing his words, Blair flashed back to that day. Someone called her saying Miller had an accident.

She had rushed home, worried, only to find he was in bed with someone else. It was Wesley who took her away from there.

'Wait! Wesley! Why was he there? '

Blair's eyes widened. 'Could it be that he found out Miller was cheating on me, and then got one of his men to make up that bogus excuse?'

"It couldn't be," she murmured.

"Couldn't be what?" Miller asked in confusion.

"Nothing. Someone told me you were in an accident that day," she replied quietly.

"Accident? Why?" His confusion grew.

But Blair wasn't in the mood to talk more about it. She shook her head and said, "Doesn't matter. Let's move on. We can still be friends."

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