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   Chapter 596 He Must Have Been Dumped

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The others shook their heads, declining the milkshake. Only Lenard nodded his head. "I'm thirsty. I'd like to drink some."

"Alright. Let's share it," Talbot suggested and poured half of the drink into two disposable paper cups.

At that moment, the door opened and Wesley walked inside the office.

Upon seeing him, Talbot waved at him. "There you are, Chief! We've left you a few cakes. Oh my! The cakes were so delicious. Where did you buy them?"

Wesley's face darkened once he saw the scattered lunch boxes on his desk. "Who ate them?" he asked rigidly.

Talbot didn't see the sullen look on Wesley's face as he proceeded to drink a mouthful of his milkshake before answering, "We all ate them. But don't worry. We've left some for you."

"Who opened the boxes?" Wesley asked.

"I did, Chief. Why? Is something wrong?" Talbot pursed his lips in confusion

Wesley cast a cold glance at him before saying, "You'll get fat after eating all those desserts. Go out and do sit-ups. No less than a hundred sit-ups in one minute. Talbot, you'll do additional thirty push-ups for every sit-up missed. As for the rest of you, additional twenty push-ups for every sit-up missed." He then caught sight of the cups of milkshake that Lenard and Talbot were holding. "Since you two drank the milkshake, you get more exercise too. It will help burn off the calories. Go run two kilometers with five-kilogram weights. Finish it in ten minutes. You'll do additional thirty push-ups for every minute excess."

Everyone in the office fell silent, not quite understanding what was going on. It was the first time that Wesley had given them punishments for such a seemingly harmless reason.

Nonetheless, they didn't dare protest. They were soldiers, and soldiers must obey orders. They exchanged a few stumped glances at each other and then rushed out of the office posthaste.

On the training grounds, while they were doing sit-ups, Talbot gazed at the office building with his brows knitted together in confusion and murmured, "What exactly did we do to piss him off? Where was he before he arrived at the office? Did someone snitch on us to him?" He paused to consider it. "But we haven't made any mistakes recently," he continued.

Lenard was also confused by Wesley's behavior. "Beats me," he replied with a shrug. "I caught a glimpse of his face as we walked out of his office. Seemed like he was in a bad mood. Did we unknowingly piss him off somehow? Or was he perhaps just taking out his anger on us?"

"Of course we pissed him off! Our chief isn't the kind of man who would make things d

that kind of sum upfront. Besides, why do you have to do this for me?"

'Is he an idiot? I guess he doesn't know anything about the housing price at all, ' she thought. 'The apartment belongs to the Eastern Coastal Apartments, easily one of the most expensive apartment complexes in Y City. It costs at least twenty million dollars.'

"This apartment is close to your company," Wesley simply said. Carlos had a couple of apartments, but Wesley preferred this one as the office of the company that Blair worked for was only a few hundred meters away. He knew that the selling price was high. But other than the apartment in Hillside Apartments, he also had two other apartments in A Country that his parents and his grandfather gave him. He could sell one of them.

"This is one of Carlos' apartments, but he has never lived here once. It's almost as good as new. The developer of the Eastern Coastal Apartments works for him. Carlos promised to give me a fifty percent discount," he told Blair. Carlos had initially offered to give Wesley the apartment as a gift, but Wesley turned it down. Left with no choice, Carlos offered to give him a fifty percent discount instead.

The apartment was valued at about 26 million dollars, so now, Wesley only needed to pay just a little over 10 million dollars.

'He wants to buy the apartment just because it's close to my workplace!' Blair opened her mouth, but didn't know what to say. 'Why is he going out of his way to do this for me? The apartment would still cost at least 10 million dollars even with the fifty percent discount. Does this mean he actually has feelings for me?'

"Wesley..." Her voice was soft and carried a hint of affection.

Wesley looked her in the eye.

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