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   Chapter 595 Wesley And Blair

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"Wesley damaged Blair's phone, so he bought a new one for her. Blair bought me a silk scarf. Then I bought some accessories," Cecelia answered.

"Maybe Wesley bought the lipstick and perfume for Blair," Baldwin suggested.

"How'd he manage that?" Cecelia denied it without a second thought. "We didn't go to the perfume counter. Wesley was with us the whole time."

Baldwin cast a sideways glance at the picture on her phone and then looked at her own shades of lipstick. The lipstick in the picture was of the same brand. "Are you sure it was the whole time? When he paid for the lipstick, did you keep a close eye on him?" he asked doubtfully.

After some deliberation, Cecelia answered, "When he went to pay, Blair and I left the booth. I thought he was close behind us... No! He was gone a few minutes. Blair and I had to wait for him. Aaargh!" Cecelia yelled at the top of her lungs.

Baldwin patted his wife's back. "Hey hey! Calm down."

Cecelia dropped her phone and jumped to her feet. "How am I supposed to calm down? Why did that boy buy her anything? She's his sister-in-law! Wait! He paid for everything I bought for Blair. That means he bought her all that stuff." That was when Cecelia realized something was off.

Baldwin cast a casual glance at his wife and sighed inwardly, 'I think she's finally getting it. Blair and Niles aren't dating.'

Cecelia slapped her thigh. "Oh my God! Things are out of control now."

Baldwin shook his head helplessly. "Find anything else suspicious?"

"Yes!" Cecelia nodded vigorously. "I thought it was weird that Wesley went shopping with us. Then, Blair got nervous and accidentally dropped her phone into her glass of soybean milk. Wesley picked it up from the glass. But when she said it was from her ex-boyfriend, he dunked it again!"

Baldwin giggled. 'Who said that Wesley knew next to nothing about women? It's just that he hadn't met the right girl yet.'

"Last night, they went to the department store together, but then Bl


Wesley, on the other hand, went to the army base. When he got out of his car, he suddenly remembered the desserts Blair made for him. So he took them out, went to his office and placed them on his desk before leaving the office.

Before long, a group of people came in. "Chief, you're finally back!"

"We have a meeting tonight?"

"Er? Where is he?"

"I just saw his car. He must be here somewhere," Talbot said in confusion and scratched the back of his head.

"Hey look! Food! Chief must have brought this for us!" Lenard found a disposable paper bag and took out two lunch boxes and a thermos.

The rest approached him. "Chief is so nice to us. He always brings food. But this is hardly a snack. There's not enough for us." Wesley always bought food or drinks for his men when he was off work.

"Don't complain. It's better to have a little than nothing." Bowman opened one of the lunch boxes and saw eight mung bean cakes. They looked rather inviting.

"Wow, there are also mooncakes! They look delicious! Give me one!"

Everyone grabbed a mung bean cake and a mooncake. There were only two mung bean cakes and a mooncake left. Talbot suggested, "They're still wrapped. I guess he hasn't eaten yet. We'll keep these for him. There's milkshake in the thermos. Want some? We've got disposable paper cups."

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