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   Chapter 594 Your Mom Is So Awesome

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When she heard what Wesley said, Blair secretly heaved a sigh of relief. She used to wonder if he was gay. Now she was sure he wasn't.

Her cheeks burning red, Blair turned around and broke into a brisk trot to hide her shyness. "What are you talking about? Sounds like you've given this a lot of thought. Like you'd worry about me no matter what."

"You're right." Wesley didn't deny it. He would worry about her if she lived alone or even if she lived with a female colleague.

'He just admitted it! He didn't try to lie or play it off!' Blair thought. "If Hartwell says anything, don't tell him we live together," she said.

"That depends,"

Wesley said with a shrug.

The two drove to a nearby shopping mall. They proceeded to the food court, and at Blair's suggestion, they went in on a three-sauce simmer pot—a shareable hot pot with herbs and juices from 10 different types of vegetables, seasoned with rice wine, sesame oil, and soy sauce. They got to choose the meats that went into it, and his selection was beef with enoki mushrooms, while she wanted frog legs. It all smelled so delicious they couldn't eat it fast enough. After that, they went to the department store to buy pans, dishes, scrubbies, detergent, lamps etc., to set up the apartment.

On their way home, Blair got a call from Cecelia. She touched down safely in her home country and Baldwin picked her up from the airport. "You must be tired now, Aunt Cecelia. Get some sleep," Blair said in a soft voice.

"Sure. Hey Blair, are you with Wesley now? Can you tell him I got home alright?"

Blair was at a loss for words for a bit, and didn't know whether she should tell her the truth or not. Then she looked at Wesley and answered honestly, "Yeah, we just had supper. I'll let him know."

"Thanks, Blair. Get him to take you back home. You need to go to bed early too. I'll call Niles and ask him to check on you tomorrow."

"No need for that, Aunt Cecelia. I'll call him myself," Blair said hurriedly. 'Maybe I should ask Niles to tell his mom the truth.'

"All right. Goodbye, Blair."

"Bye, Aunt Cecelia."

After hanging up, Blair called Niles. "Hi Niles!" she said.

Upon heari

n there?

The lipstick was of the same brand as the one Cecelia had bought. The perfume's brand was Jo Malone London.

'These aren't mine. Maybe Cecelia forgot them?'

Cecelia was one of Blair's WeChat friends. Blair took a picture of the lipstick and perfume and sent it to her along with a voice message asking, "Did you forget to pack these, Aunt Cecelia?"

Cecelia was playing on her phone. Seeing the message, she replied immediately, "No. They're not mine. I didn't forget a thing. And I never use that fragrance."

'Not hers?' Blair grew even more puzzled.

Cecelia, on the other hand, took a closer look at the picture and told her husband, "Blair found some lipstick and a bottle of perfume. She asked if they were mine."

"How come? Did you buy those for her?" Baldwin asked casually.

Cecelia shook her head. "I offered to buy her lipstick, but she turned me down. We didn't go to any perfume store."

After a pause, Baldwin asked, "You and Blair went shopping with Wesley?"

"Yeah. He could give us advice and carry our bags for us. By the way, I never knew my son was so generous. He paid for everything I bought. I got her clothes, shoes and bags, but he insisted on paying for them. My son is so considerate and caring. He treats me so well," Cecelia said cheerfully.

Baldwin almost chuckled when he saw his wife's happy face.

'That's funny. He bought them for Blair, ' he said in his mind. "What else did you buy?"

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